After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Where the Collapse Started”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Where the Collapse Started" Episode 422 -- Pictured: Steven R. McQueen as Jimmy Borrelli -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “Where the Collapse Started” Episode 422 — Pictured: Steven R. McQueen as Jimmy Borrelli — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Where the Collapse Started”

Beware – spoilers!!

The episode picks up where Stella and Severide left off. They’re enjoying a relaxing morning together at Stella’s apartment. Then they’re off in their separate cars for work. Stella sees a flyer on her car from her ex husband inviting her to a gig. Gabby continues to fight to get a meeting about fostering Louie. Jimmy’s brother Danny stops by the firehouse begging for help to obtain a liquor license to open a club. Jimmy says he can try to help, but a car accident is reported and everyone is called to the scene. A mid size car crashed into a pole, and the pole is wrapped on top. Gabby is the first to open the driver side door and is shocked to see a child behind the wheel. The little girl is silent and looks frightened. The air bag had gone off, in the back seat, her father is drunk and her mother is also not coherent.

They are quickly handcuffed and taken away by P.D. She suffered a pulmonary contusion; it’s possible she suffered a punctured lung, they work quickly to stabilize her and send her off to Med. Otis stops by the firehouse to see everyone. He is doing well and Herrmann mentions his temporary replacement is there. Malcolm Ferguson is the replacement while Otis is out. Ferguson is over six feet of pure muscle; hand picked by Connie. Everyone assures Otis he will not be replaced. Gabby goes to Boden for a letter of recommendation to continue the process to adopt Louie. Boden understands Gabby’s dedication and will have the letter done by the end of day.

Casey notices his relationship with Gabby is becoming strained because of the adoption process. There isn’t anything he can really do, so he wishes her luck and lets it be. After seeing Casey visibly upset, Jimmy goes to Severide for advice. He wanted to ask Casey for help in obtaining a liquor license; Severide says he shouldn’t involve Casey in the ordeal. Antonio stops by the firehouse and listens to Gabby’s plan to become a foster parent. He agrees to get her background check expedited; but he isn’t pleased with her plans. He doesn’t understand why Gabby is insistent on doing this adventure alone.

Antonio goes to Casey’s office demanding some answers concerning his relationship with Gabby. Casey can only defend himself because Gabby has been making all the calls regarding the adoption. Those answers are not good enough for Antonio, he claims Casey should have married Gabby otherwise he’s been stringing her along for three years. Casey doesn’t give into the intimidation tactics and tells Antonio to leave. Meanwhile at the group home, Gabby continues to wait for a meeting. The receptionist says she will try to talk with Mr. Harvey at their next staff meeting.
Danny comes by the firehouse again asking Jimmy if he will help the club. Danny is involved in an “After Hours” club, so Jimmy won’t involve Casey in the deal. Jimmy wants the club to be legit, so does Danny, but he rushed into the ordeal. Danny leaves angry and feels betrayed by his brother.

Gabby gets a call about her meeting finally being approved; although on shift, Casey ensures her shift is covered. Otis comes by the firehouse once again to give Connie some theatre tickets. He’s so worried about being transferred, that the other members have decided to harp more on the subject. Later, Grant comes by the firehouse to see Stella. He brings by a sandwich and keeps trying to convince her to come to the show. He looks terrible; he hasn’t slept in a couple days.
In her meeting with Mr. Harvey, Gabby shows nerves, but tries to keep her composure. He seems impressed with everything Gabby is saying regarding the care she would give to Louie. He types in Louie’s name into the computer and finds something very interesting.

Gabby comes back to the firehouse and is devastated to report Louie has been placed with a foster family already. Sylvie, Casey and Herrmann were the first to hear about it, but they’re called to a building collapse. Casey offers to have Gabby sit it out, but she insists she’s fine and goes on the call. Most employees are still inside; the fourth floor was under construction when the floor collapsed. Firehouse 67 is already at the scene. Jimmy sees Danny with his truck and ready to run into the building. Danny ignores Jimmy’s shouts towards him. Boden then orders both firehouses go in to find the remaining employees still inside. Gabby finds a woman trapped in a corner and talks her through the rubble. More employees are found under large blocks of cement; once outside, windows begin to shatter. Boden gives the call to evacuate the building immediately.

As firehouse 67 was leaving, Danny heard a woman scream. He says he won’t leave anyone behind and Boden gives him only one minute to find the person in peril. A few seconds later, the building began to give way, dust and glass fly everywhere. Jimmy knows Danny is still inside and runs in to find his brother. Jimmy finds Danny, but the situation is dire. Boden doesn’t want anyone else going in because the risk is too high. Danny is surprised Jimmy came back for him; Jimmy said its part of the job to fight for strangers. Except Danny didn’t find anyone, he misheard the call for help.

As the building continues to slowly collapse, Boden runs inside and grabs Jimmy from behind. Kicking and screaming, Jimmy fights to stay with his brother. He can only watch as the dust and cement cover his brother. The remaining firefighters found Danny’s body and walked it out of the building. Everyone stood in formation and offered a salute to their fallen brother in arms. Jimmy rides in the ambulance as everyone is left in disbelief. Boden assembles everyone for a meeting and reminds everyone how short this life can be. Any call they go on, could be their last. Casey and Severide offer their support to Jimmy; they’ve suffered their loses and they want him to know he doesn’t have to grieve alone. The group home called Gabby because the foster family sent Louie back. Louie was acting out violently and the parents were worried about their other kids safety. He kept asking for Gabby and once she arrived, he ran and gave her a hug.

Once he was asleep for the night, the receptionist told Gabby she still has a chance to be the foster parent. She also disclosed Casey, as the Alderman, pulled some strings to get Gabby into the meeting with Mr. Harvey. Gabby was not aware Casey did that for her. At the end of the episode, everyone meets at Molly’s to “fill the boot” for Danny. At the theatre, Connie assures Otis his spot has always been secured. Otis realizes in that moment, everyone was messing with him. Theatre tickets and champagne, for nothing.

Stella reassures Kelly that she is not back with Grant. She is very worried about Grant because of his prior and seemingly present drug use. Gabby goes to Casey and thanks him for pulling strings for the meeting. Later that night, Stella calls up Kelly, but someone is at his door. He opens the door to find Jimmy disheveled and angry. Jimmy keeps replaying the series of events before the building collapsed. He wonders why Boden gave Danny one more minute, when he had specifically ordered everyone out of the building. Severide warns Jimmy to not go down that road, it only leads to a dark place. Jimmy is fueled with anger and can only seem to blame Boden for his call at the scene. Jimmy leaves in an anger-fueled rage as Severide stands in shock. On the season finale: Jimmy confronts Boden about the call he made for Danny. At the scene of another building fire, Gabby is seen in danger. How will the members of firehouse 51 handle these new crisis? Will everyone make it out alive? Stay tuned for another after take!