After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “The Last One for Mom”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "The Last One For Mom" Episode 420 -- Pictured: (l-r) Christian Stolte as Randy "Mouch" McHolland,  Maxwell Jenkins as JJ Holloway, Steven R. McQueen as Jimmy Borrelli, David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “The Last One For Mom” Episode 420 — Pictured: (l-r) Christian Stolte as Randy “Mouch” McHolland, Maxwell Jenkins as JJ Holloway, Steven R. McQueen as Jimmy Borrelli, David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The Last One for Mom”

Beware – spoilers!

Matt meets with Susan to talk about strategy; Gabby meets with them a little late, but still hears the pitch. He doesn’t want to start a national career, what would he campaign for? Senate? Mayor? Whatever he picks, she can help make it a reality. JJ comes by the firehouse so Bianca can go to court. The trial begins and she will testify in a couple hours. After that, her life can go back to normal. In his office, Matt goes thorough the mail and sees a wine box. He opens it to find ten thousand dollars inside. A call comes in and they approach an art museum. Civilians are gathered outside safely, but a woman says there is someone still inside. Severide says squad can make it through the building in two minutes with a rope-guided search.

Cruz sees the man crawling and Severide says to stay put. Cruz doesn’t listen to orders and goes after the man. He struggles to get the headpiece off the man. Once the headpiece is off, Cruz cannot find the main line once he is unhooked. Cruz activates the mayday symbol. More fire and smoke blows up causing panic within the house. Finally, one by one they come out of the building; all safe, they begin to push off the hoses to diffuse the fire. Severide yells at Cruz for his mistake, that mistake could have been fatal. Cruz makes a few excuses, but takes the verbal warning.

Matt is worried about what to do with the money. Gabby comes in with thoughts about Susan, but Matt stops her to show her the box of money. She is stunned, but can only laugh at the incident. With this bribe, he’s officially a Chicago politician. There were no instructions, but the name, Cartman development was written inside. Therefore, he decides to call Antonio to take the next step.

While JJ is at the firehouse, he wants to work on his school project. A day in the life of a hero; everyone is willing to help. Cruz finds out the museum was dedicated to Native American art. By not listening to orders, he could have changed the outcome for everyone. The police come running up to the house in undercover vehicles; they come with the news that Bianca was shot before getting to testify. She will be treated at Chicago Med for her surgery. The hospital will be on lock down until they can find the shooter. Severide offers to keep JJ at the firehouse because that’s what the plan was in the beginning of the day. JJ’s aunt is 6 hours away and by her terms, no one can tell JJ what has happened. So, everyone is now determined to give JJ the best day.

Sylvie is worried about Otis; she keeps pressing for information. Otis says nothing happened and that he’s fine. Ambulance 61 is called to a ballet class. The teacher said Sally wasn’t the same after their water break. Sally’s friend said something bad happened during break. Sally drank hand sanitizer in a pink container thinking it was candy. The substance contained 60% alcohol, so they proceeded to treat her accordingly. Suddenly, she begins to seize. Her pupils are blown out and Jimmy has to drill a line into her shin.

She is suffering from a brain bleed and taken to Med to be treated. Bianca is still in surgery and Will insists they will be the first call when she’s out. Sylvie asks about Otis’ condition. She finds out he didn’t get his blood drawn; Will insists he needs Otis to run tests.

Al Nelson is on the board of ethics and comes in to investigate the bribe. While Severide is talking with JJ, he admits wants to be a cop, but he’s not sure yet. He also tells Severide his mom likes him. She calls him Kelly, not nitwit like she calls other men. JJ lost his dad a few years ago, and is happy to hear his mom likes someone. JJ becomes suspicious when his mom hasn’t come to pick him up yet. Severide distracts him to feed Pouch. Stella reassures Cruz he made the right call on the scene. The job isn’t black and white. Sylvie confronts Otis about bailing on the blood work. He doesn’t want to know, he just wants to live for the day. Al goes to Matt and says the Cartman company doesn’t exist.

A full investigation will be processed because Matt did not call in the bribe right away. Matt insists he didn’t cut any corners, he wasn’t fully aware of the protocol. Susan is called to solve the problem. The money was planted to pin down Matt in an investigation. Matt and Severide are called to Boden’s office; sadly, Bianca did not make it through surgery. Mary Holloway, JJ’s aunt, will be the primary care taker now. Severide doesn’t want to lie to JJ, but they have to wait two more hours until Mary comes in. Severide does his part of the interview for JJ and tries not to let anything slip. Susan comes by the firehouse and says the issue is resolved. The money will go to a charitable donation. Matt wants the money to go to the charity for people who lost someone in the line of duty.

Thankfully, the CPD has custody of the shooter of Bianca. Severide takes JJ to the top of the truck ladder for a breathtaking view of the city at night for a ending shot for the video. Severide thought JJ was done with his video; but JJ says he saved the last interview for his mom. JJ sees all the police cars coming up with sirens, thinks his mom are coming back. JJ’s Aunt Mary asks Severide to be in the room when she has to deliver the bad news. JJ is super excited to see her and doesn’t suspect anything. Once they’re alone in a room, JJ is heartbroken when he hears the news. He doesn’t believe her and is insistent his mom will come and pick him up. He tries to put on a brave face and thanks everyone for helping him through the day. As JJ was leaving, Pouch was sad to see him go. Severide tells JJ he can care for Pouch for a while; JJ is always welcome at the firehouse and can call for anything. At the end of the episode: Everyone leaves after shift, Severide watches back JJ’s interview at Molly’s, he still wants to be a cop because then he can catch the bad guys.

Next week: A single moment will change Gabby’s life. On a call, Gabby sees a baby boy hiding behind some furniture. How far will she go to save his life? Stay tuned for another after take as we near the end of the season!