After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “I Will Be Walking”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "I Will Be Walking" Episode 419 -- Pictured: (l-r) Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “I Will Be Walking” Episode 419 — Pictured: (l-r) Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “I Will Be Walking”

Beware – spoilers!

Gabby sees an 8% drop in customer attendance at Molly’s. Stella says most bars go under because of poor management. Stella thinks she can run a bar better than Herrmann. Gabby suggests a “bar Olympics” to settle the score. Before more bets can be made, a call comes in. Once on the scene, a young man is duct taped and roped to the side of the L train pole. Victor is bloodied and beaten and goes into shock. Casey works quickly to detach Victor from the pole. Victor is lowered down and mildly responsive, but is expected to recover. Detective Bianca comes by the firehouse and asks if Severide can give her son, JJ a tour of the firehouse.

Victor’s grandmother comes by the firehouse wondering why Casey is allowing gang wars to rule the streets. Victor is set to graduate in a few days, but she worries that if he goes back to the streets, the gangs may kill him. In addition, in the firehouse, Cruz sees huge bruises on Otis’ back. He encourages Otis to get it checked out. Atwater stops by the firehouse to give some information about the 18th street gang. Victor’s older brother was involved in gang activity, but he’s a confidential informant for the police. This now makes Victor the target for gang activity. Victor is adamant to get to his graduation on his own. If they want to stop him, they will have to kill him first.
At the firehouse, Gabby is the judge for their competition. First up is a Jeopardy game full of beverage trivia. Herrmann seems to be off on a good start getting his answers correct.

Jimmy and Sylvie are called to an apartment building and find a woman convulsing in her own vomit. They first suspected she was overdosing, but realize she had abdominal surgery. Once they realized which fluids to push, the woman awoke. She saw Jimmy and thought she was in a dream; realized it was more of a nightmare when she saw her condition.

Bianca was late coming back to get JJ, but everything went well at the firehouse. Otis asks Sylvie to check out the massive bruising on his back. She suggests he go to the hospital to have it thoroughly checked out. He asks that she not say anything until he finds out what’s wrong. For their next test, Herrmann and Stella do a blind wine tasting.

Stella grabs the advantage in that round. Bianca was supposed to meet Severide at Molly’s, but she doesn’t show. Antonio says Bianca is supposed to testify against a Mexican drug cartel in the coming week; which explains why she’s been so busy and worried.

At Chicago Med, Dr. Halstead takes a look at Otis’ back bruising; Otis did online research and believes he could have Leukemia. Halstead doesn’t want to jump too far ahead, but will take blood samples to rule a few things out. Casey meets with the leaders of the 18th street gang and asks them to let Victor walk free because he can’t be held responsible for his brothers actions. If they make that happen, Casey will owe them a favor in the future. The bar competition is neck and neck; the last test comes down to who can make the fastest mai tai. Stella stops the race and realizes there is a key ingredient missing. Once realizing this fact, she automatically wins the competition.

The gang leaders went sideways on their deal; and won’t let Victor walk free. Casey once again insists Victor get a car ride to graduation instead of walking there. JJ is once again at the firehouse and Severide tries to reassure him everything is okay. JJ is getting more comfortable around the house as everyone heads out for another call. There is a structure fire with two men missing; everyone heads in for the rescue.

Casey and Herrmann find one man; he has a weak pulse and is bleeding. Dawson and Otis find the second victim; his arm is caught under a machine. They request an air bag to relieve the arm, but Otis almost makes a fatal mistake. He wanted to use the machine switch to release the arm. Gabby was able to knock him away from the switch before he was able to do anything. The machine could have done any number of functions, most of which would have cut off the arm. Once squad arrives, the man’s arm is released and they all walk out safely.

Bianca comes back to the firehouse to pick up JJ and Severide takes the time to speak with her. She is worried about threats that were made on a surveillance tape. In a few days, it’ll all be over. Since Stella won the competition, she offers to let Herrmann keep his money and let her manage alongside them. Herrmann agrees, but it seems Stella and Gabby were in cahoots all along to help the decision.

At the end of the episode, Matt goes to Victor’s house and offers to walk with him to graduation. As they walk outside, they have all the firehouse trucks lined up to the high school. Victor, his grandmother, Chief Boden and Matt all walk together. At Molly’s Sylvie and Otis meet up after shift. Otis lies and says he got his blood drawn and everything was fine. However, he needs to still get his blood drawn, but is scared of the results. A woman named Susan Weller comes by Molly’s to speak with Casey. She is a political consultant and believes he has a national career ahead of him.

Next week: While on a call, Cruz takes a chance on his life to save a victim from a burning building. How far is he willing to go to help someone else, and how far will firehouse 51 go to save one of their own?

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