Mase Takes On SUPERGIRL (now with added THE FLASH) – “World’s Finest”

107868_WB_0927bOkay, so this week i needed to get on top of my game. My favorite shows on TV right now are the comic book shows and so far I have only written about Gotham and Lucifer. This week Barry Allen aka the Flash, travels to see Supergirl via the multiverse. Although these shows are not considered part of the ‘Arrowverse’ (Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and the online show Vixen), DC allows its characters to travel to different worlds in the multiverse, if their powers allow them to. At the end of all this season we will take an in depth look at the multiverse and how all the DC shows fit together, but tonight it is all about Supergirl and Flash.

Wow! Best episode of Supergirl yet!! So many easter eggs were sprinkled throughout. We get an altered origin story for Silver Banshee, Barry Allen tells the Supergirl fans how the multiverse works, and we get to see James Olsen’s jealousy face. With National City still not trusting Supergirl, what better time than now for the Flash to show up to give some advice. Let’s see if Kara Zor-El takes care of business tonight, when she must go face to face with not one but two villains, Silver Banshee and Livewire!

Tonight’s episode starts at the DEO where we have Siobhan being tested. I should say willingly, yet still at the behest of Winn. The doctor tells us that Siobhan is not an alien or meta-human so she isn’t from another Earth or Fort Rozz. It upsets Siobhan even more that they can’t help her. Winn tries to talk her into staying, but she begins to hear voices in her head. She pushes past Winn and heads down the hall where she catches a glimpse of Livewire being interrogated by Lucy Lane (who is now head of the DEO after the escape of J’onn J’onzz and Alex Danvers) before being rushed out the door.

Back at the office, Cat gives Kara some not so subtle advice on her love life (or lack of). Cat has a best selling book “Guide to Finding Love” which has the lighthouse technique that teaches women to shine their light and let them come to you “and soon he will be docked in your port”. She even claims it isn’t her best but it did get her on Oprah!

Down on the street Siobhan starts to go full villain as the voices tell her to kill Kara Danvers. Winn tries to stop her but the voices are too loud and she just pushes him out of the way. Cat has a good one liner about crazy eyes, fondue and Ramona Singer before Siobhan shows us her powers and just screams Kara right out the window. Normally, this is where our hero would show up but it is Superg…FLASH SAVES HER! Sorry to cut me off but that is when we see the Flash for the first time.

He speeds her far out of the city where her shirt catches fire. Barry wants to help but Kara is not phased at all by the fire, which strikes Barry as odd. They have their introductions to each other (which was awesomely acted). Both have no idea who each other is and both are equally shocked by the others powers. Barry tells us he is working on his speed (tachyon ring on his chest), he is on the wrong Earth, and he needs her help.

Back at the Catco-cave, Barry begins to search for S.T.A.R. Labs and anyone he knows but he can only find Central City. Winn and James get a chance to meet Barry. Kara acts like Barry, or rather Melissa acts a lot like Grant, when she tells the boys that Barry is from another universe. To which we get a chance to hear Barry’s explanation of the multiverse. Quickly, our Earth vibrates at a different frequency than the other Earths so it is invisible to us but exists in the same space. We also learn that Barry can’t yet control his powers when going between universes or through time. After Barry and Kara leave for donuts (he needs to consume about 10,000 calories a day), Winn teases James about his jealousy (thy name is Olson).

Cat calls Kara in about the speedster. Apparently, they have the CW on this Earth, because Cat throws a zinger at the racially diverse casts the CW has. Cat tells James to get a picture and then begins to name the newest hero. Cat suggests the ‘Woosh’ or the ‘Red Streak’. Barry offers up “the Flash” but Cat settles on naming him the ‘Blur’ (Smallville’s name for Superman when he lived in Metropolis).

Next up Siobhan goes to visit her mystic Irish aunt. We learn that this telling of the Silver Banshee is an old family curse placed on them by a gypsy woman a long time ago. The curse is triggered when someone does something wrong to them. The curse will go away once the person who triggered the curse is dead. If the person is not killed, the power will grow inside. Her voice will become a weapon that can travel anywhere in the world. If she focuses on the target enough, her voice will decimate them. Seeing as how that is Kara who triggered the curse, this is going to be a bit difficult. Siobhan half realizes that wherever Kara is Supergirl isn’t far behind so she will need some help. Siobhan breaks Livewire out of the DEO to help her with getting rid of Kara and Cat as well.

Kara gets the code red and warns Cat about the breakout. Cat tells Kara that she won’t be going anywhere and that she has all the faith in Supergirl to save her once again. Kara rushes to Barry to help her beat Livewire. Barry calls his villains by their classic rogues and we get a shoutout for Blackout. Barry agrees to help, so the team relocates to the DEO. Lucy brings the guns to ask who Barry is and just accepts that he is a friend (this is two weeks after Supergirl was affected by the red kryptonite). We get an update on the whereabouts of Alex (Kara doesn’t know).

107903_wb_0925bc1Livewire and Siobhan meet for the first time in an abandoned warehouse (where else would bad guys meet). In true Supergirl fashion, the two flex their muscles powers and then agree to work together.

Back at the DEO, James is caught by Lucy staring longingly at Kara with Barry. They do the dance about feelings with the moment left in the air as Barry has tracked down Livewire to the abandoned warehouse. Kara is quick to show off for Barry so she jumps up and tells Lucy not to worry about the drop team. Barry asks what the plan is, and this is a little telling on Supergirl’s part about how she handles problem/badgirls. Kara explains the plan in two easy to follow steps.

  1. Catch the bad girl.
  2. Bring her back here so she can’t hurt anyone. 85% chance of punching.

Barry was trained by Oliver. Who, as you recall on their first meet up, shot Barry with arrows in the calf. This was to demonstrate that Barry has the time to survey his surroundings. Barry was initially just bursting through the door and giving a speech before he would take down the bad guy. Now they plan for their meta-humans and attack them at the weak spots. Barry isn’t use to just flying off the rails anymore–

So the next scene when they head off to fight Livewire, Supergirl claims she gets there first but Flash says he went to check the perimeter first. The first fight, Flash throws a lightning ball at Livewire but all that did was super charge her. Livewire throws Barry to the side. Supergirl attempts to hit the fire sprinklers, but Silver Banshee screams till Supergirl’s ears bleed. After a super-breathe and cyclone arm blow the two villains away, Flash tells Supergirl they won’t win today and they leave.

Now at CatCo, Barry and Kara have a quick chat on the balcony. Barry gives Kara a bunch of great advice on fighting the bad girls. He begins by telling her to slow down and keep doing good work. The only thing that can heal the people is time. Barry explains that it took him awhile to realize that he can’t change the public’s mind by force. Even though we have powers, there are still somethings that are out of our control.

We are down now to the final fight of the episode. Livewire and Siobhan/Silver Banshee show up at CatCo. Silver Banshee is all dressed up now (how long was that makeover) in her villain costume and on the warpath (I’m still a little confused on who Siobhan needs to kill). Without laying a hand on Cat Grant, they chain her up to a bench in the park and wait for Supergirl and the Flash.

Our heroes show up to save the day with their special earbuds (Pied Piper) to block out the sound. The heroes break off to fight separate, Livewire with Flash and Silver Banshee with Supergirl. Livewire beats the Flash (or so Barry made it seem) and comes down to join Silver Banshee. When Livewire threatens a helicopter, Supergirl jumps in between the two and takes the full blast of lightning.

Supergirl falls to the ground for a ten count as Silver Banshee and Livewire have the upper hand and move in for the kill. They ended up giving the crowd (who stayed to watch them fight and didn’t run away from the danger) time to step up and help Supergirl. A crowd literally ran up and surrounded Supergirl, telling the villains to leave her alone. This distraction was enough time for the fire department to hook up a hose to spray Livewire. In the end, Supergirl did not win the battle today, but rather won National City’s heart back.

Thanks to Barry, the National City police department now has a place to lock up metas. Kara asks Cat if she could go see Barry off. Cat then tells Kara she knows Barry is the Flash and also we find out she can’t tell the difference between a superhero and a Mormon. HAHA!

We get an awesome scene next! SUPERGIRL aka ‘GIRL OF STEEL’ AND THE FLASH aka ‘SCARLET SPEEDSTER’ RACE! Well kind of…Barry asks Kara to throw him when they reach their top speed. This does work and Barry is back in the ‘Arrowverse’.

Our final scene takes us to Kara’s apartment where she and James need to have a talk. The talk goes great! Kara ends up kissing James! The scene has the music. The scene has the spinning camera. The scene even has the dramatic pause…does he like it? Does he not like it? Uhh-ohh, does Kara have Superman II amnesia kiss powers? Then he turns and walks away…with everyone else…except Kara…and we see…


Episode thoughts:

It was great having the Flash in an episode. Obviously, the writers always wanted this to happen it was just a matter of time before it did. The episode was amazing! I did see that Greg Berlanti wrote the story with Andrew Kreisberg and Michael Grassi adapting it for television. The episode really helped Supergirl out. Without another super powered person around for Kara to have a little fun with, she might as well be a well spoken Hulk who just smashes her way through life.

Another great thing Barry did for Kara, was he allowed her to defeat ‘her’ foes. Okay, technically the firefighters blasted Livewire with water, but if the Flash had defeated the two, National City wouldn’t have accepted Supergirl back so quickly.

Last but certainly not least, Cat Grant is well aware that Kara is Supergirl. Now maybe when J’onn showed up looking like Supergirl Cat believed it for the moment, but she is a smart woman and knows when she is being fooled. With her figuring out that Barry was the Flash, and telling Kara that she can spot an extraordinary trying to be a nobody in her midst just like *snap that. If that isn’t a tell, I don’t know what is. What did you think of last night’s episode? Let me know in the comments down below.