After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Kasual with a K”

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Kasual with A K" Episode 318 -- Pictured: (l-r) Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

CHICAGO P.D. — “Kasual with A K” Episode 318 — Pictured: (l-r) Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Kasual With a K”

Beware – spoilers to follow!

After their brief hiatus, the intelligence unit is back! Sounds of gunshots and a woman screaming are called in. The team rushes to a convenience store and find a man shot. They proceed upstairs to find rows of bunk beds. They go into one room with women and children hiding behind the beds. One woman says a male suspect was the shooter coming after them. In another room, there is a women found shot in the chest, and an ambulance is called to the scene. Antonio identifies the location as a battered women’s shelter. It was supposed to be a secret location to protect those women.

The woman shot, Jess is the woman who runs the shelter. A quick count revealed there were nine women three children present at the time of the shooting. Two women are missing from the scene when the gunshots happened. Jess has made many enemies because she takes extreme cases, no questions asked. Mouse gets security footage from the store and it shows one woman being kidnapped by the shooter. Another women comes to the station to testify. She does not have much information about the shooter, but identifies the kidnapped victim as Val. No one knew each other’s last name to protect everyone’s privacy. However, with the information she knew about Val, Mouse was able to find her information. The team finds information about Reed, Valerie’s ex husband, also an abuser. With no valid addresses, they find a spot Reed has been arrested prior. They find drugs and a couple of dead bodies. However, one of the bodies found dead is Reed. His head was bashed in with a hammer, unlike the gunshots that killed his other partner.
Heroin is the drug found at the scene. They begin to suspect Valerie was in on the deal.

Antonio goes to his confidential informant, Freddie for information about Reed. When Freddie gives little information, but it leads, the team to a club Reed frequents. The bartender gives up a name, Billie, he helps in the drug trade. At Chicago Med, Jess is out of surgery. Lindsay and Halstead go in to talk to her; Jess says the shooter knew her name, but she did not know him. Jess discloses that her safe will have pieces of the women’s past hidden for their protection. Once in the safe, they see Valerie’s bag, and inside is a prayer card. With the card was a photo of her young son; Mouse is able to run a search on cemeteries to possibly find Valerie. Atwater and Ruzek find Valerie at her son’s grave. She surrenders and proclaims that everything is her fault.

At the station, Valerie’s thoughts and confession are jumbled. Lindsay confesses she was in a shelter for three months when she was eleven years old. The story comes as a surprise to Jay. Reed planned to steal the dope from the club; once Valerie could not talk him out of it, she went to the shelter to escape the beatings she endured. No one knew where Reed lived, but they knew Valerie could help them find Reed, and then find the drugs. Martin, the club owner, gave a false lead to throw the team off. Once brought in for questioning, he comes without his lawyer and insists he’s legit. His club is the hub for all the activity going on, but they don’t have anything to charge him with. They have bigger problems when they find Valerie’s fingerprints on the hammer that killed Reed. Valerie claims her innocence, but says she held the hammer in her hand. Her kidnapper asked her to hit Reed. Even after all the beatings she endured, she still couldn’t find it in herself to hurt Reed. Therefore, her kidnapper took the hammer and did it himself. She only had a split second to grab Reed’s keys and run away to safety.

Mouse pulls up a list of men who work for Martin and one case in particular caught their attention. Greg Sutton, among his list of crimes committed, he beat a truck driver with a tire iron to the back of the head, just like Reed. Valerie was able to identify him from a group of photos; so, the team now is able to go to his location and arrest him. However, Greg isn’t going down without a fight. Gunfire ensues, and Greg tries to escape out the back door. Greg is finally shot while getting into his car. His gun is matched to the other shootings; but the state attorney cannot prosecute Martin without any evidence.

Voight decides to go to the club and have a talk with Martin. Voight suggests that Martin go back to Atlantic City; before Voight shows him parts of Chicago he’s never seen.

At the end of the episode, Lindsay takes Valerie to Chicago Med to visit Jess. Valerie feels so guilty, but still manages to go inside the room. Afterwards Lindsay meets with Jay at Molly’s. Jay confronts Lindsay about her stay at the shelter; she doesn’t mind talking about the situation. Disclosing more stories like this will only bring them closer together as a couple.

Next Week: a young girl is found chained and scared. However, her captor insists he has done nothing wrong. Between all the twists and turns, the girl is pregnant, and a storyline that will keep viewers guessing until the end.

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