After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Two Ts”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Two Ts" Episode 416 -- Pictured: David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “Two Ts” Episode 416 — Pictured: David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Two Ts”

Beware – the following contains spoilers!!

Casey is seen at a pancake breakfast drumming up support and runs into Becks. Chicago politics are a tricky game. Casey sees that he will not have an easy time running for Alderman. At the firehouse, Mouch has to tell Herrmann plans have changed for the groomsmen. Herrmann will not be the best man as he thought. Trudy’s brother will serve as the best man, and therefore plan the bachelor party. Saved by the bell, an accident is reported where a car ran into a median. The manhole cover blew off and went through the windshield. The driver is conscious but understandably in pain. His son in the backseat is unharmed and pulled out swiftly. As Jimmy is carrying him away, more manhole covers suddenly are shot high into the air as the by standers run for cover. The team works to turn off the gas pipes and get the driver out safely from his vehicle. Once the man is safely in the ambulance, extinguishers are taken to the manholes to contain the fires. Once at the hospital, Sylvie is worried about the son. He asked to go to his mom’s house; but his father said his wife died when his son was a baby.

Dawson has her suspicions about Severide knowing Stella before she came to the house. It’s revealed Severide tried to get to know her in the past. She was married and nothing happened between them. Danny comes by to see Casey to convince him to change his stance on turning off certain street corner cameras for gang activity. By doing this action, they could garner more votes for Casey’s campaign.

Logan, Trudy’s brother comes to the firehouse to hang out with everyone before the bachelor party. Capp tells everyone to come outside and they see a political poster about Casey’s mom killing her husband. The dirty side of Chicago politics has come out, and it’s now a turning point for Casey. Casey goes to Beck’s office to confront him about the billboard. Beck’s claims ignorance and suggests one of his donor’s possibly did it. Casey wants the billboard down by the end of the day or it’ll be a different conversation next time.

Sylvie checks in with Maggie about the father and son she cared for earlier. She wonders if either of them had been to the hospital before. Some of his information doesn’t add up and Sylvie is convinced something is wrong. She takes the neck collar used from the accident to take to PD to run his prints. She feels the father has something to hide, and she’s convinced to find out. Otis bonds with Logan over Star Trek and Matrix. No one else is on the same page; Herrmann is convinced Logan was sent as a spy to make sure the party doesn’t get too wild.

Boden asks to see Casey and tells him the friends of firefighters benefit will be moved from 51 to Morningside in light of the billboards around town; it wouldn’t be appropriate. Some complaints were brought to the commissioner’s office. Before they could finish their conversation, a call came in that was right outside of the house. A man was whipped by a car that unknowingly lost their tire chain. The chain was wrapped all around the man’s head, once turned over, his face is covered entirely in blood. They carefully remove the chains and bandage along the way. A chain opened a vein in his throat, but Jimmy was able to put gauze on the jugular. Once they put the man in the ambulance, a woman gave Casey a flyer that was on her car. The flyer was about Casey working at Stilettos for construction. Casey is upset with the road of politics; Gabby doesn’t want Matt to quit, but decides to let him do whatever he wants. She doesn’t want to tell him how to run his campaign.

Roman goes to Sylvie about the prints; the father is wanted for kidnapping his son. The father, Warren claims his wife is an addict who cannot even take care of herself, much less their son Teddy. Roman arrests Warren and Sylvie takes Teddy back to Maggie so they can call child protective services. Grant, Stella’s ex husband comes by the firehouse seemingly looking for a quick hook up. Gabby doesn’t say anything but sees Stella and Grant go into the turnout room. Gabby turns out to be wrong, it was only a B-12 shot.
Logan gives the official bachelor party itinerary to the guys and it seems like a basic tourist night on the town. Everyone is skeptical about these plans, but the firehouse is called to a residential area where a car is in flames. Severide sees there is a man trapped inside. There are plenty of witnesses nearby, and when the man comes out of the car, his hand are tied and has a knife sticking out of his side. Casey asks one of the men standing at a house porch what happened. One of the gang members says a corner boy sold on the wrong corner.

Sylvie sees Teddy reunited with his mom, and Sylvie sees symptoms of drug use. She asks her directly if she’s using. The mom does not take kindly to the accusation, and takes Sylvie’s name hoping to get her fired. Jimmy steps in and gets her out of the hospital so they can move on. Casey goes to see Danny and reconsiders his stance on how things work in the gang system. He negotiates street cameras being off for a corner if drugs won’t be sold near a high school.

At the end of the episode, the ladies meet up at Molly’s while the boys are off at the bachelor party. Trudy seems to know something is up when they’re at the bar. The boys meet up at the hotel for the “sunflower suite”. Once the door opens, there were tons of women and whipped cream. Trudy and Herrmann had these plans for weeks. It was all a rouse to surprise Mouch for his big day. Casey and Gabby go to another fundraiser; he is able to confront Becks and say he’s not going anywhere. The morning after the bachelor party, the men shuffle into the elevator. Disheveled and exhausted, but they had a night they won’t soon forget.

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