After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Bad for the Soul”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Bad For The Soul" Episode 415 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “Bad For The Soul” Episode 415 — Pictured: — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Bad for the Soul”

Beware – the following contains spoilers!!

Casey attends his first rally for Alderman with the support of Tamara and Gabby. Chief Boden approves Casey’s request to run for office and still fulfill his duties at the firehouse. The house has a slight problem with the temporary paramedic scheduled. Paramedic Ogle is a doom and gloom individual who’s reputation preceded him. The house gets a call to another firehouse where they find a fellow fireman impaled. He fell off a ladder during a drill and has a pole impaled into his leg. The truck broke his fall, and he has been unconscious ever since. The pole might be close to an artery so Squad 3 needs to keep the body still as they cut through. His fellow firefighters can only look on as he’s carted away to the ambulance.

Cruz overhears Richter tell his captain he was on the roof when McCormick fell. The story doesn’t add up, but Severide is adamant there isn’t a problem. But Ogle says he worked there a couple shifts and saw drama between those two firefighters for weeks. Cruz begins to think Richter pushed McCormick off the ladder. McCormick has started dating Richter’s ex wife and that’s been a source of conflict. Jimmy has now lost his slot at firehouse 51 because union rules state a firefighter with more seniority can bump a candidate out of his spot. Everyone is upset with the news from the commissioner; but Jimmy will go into a floater rotation and his brother can get him a spot at his firehouse too.

Severide goes to firehouse 21 to sort out the details for the report. Richter maintains his story, he was on the roof and would have offered help if he could have. The visit stirs up some hard feelings; but Severide leaves peacefully. Casey needs 450 signatures to get onto the ballot in a week to be considered for the ballot. Everyone in the house is supportive and willing to help meet the signature quota.

Chief Burwell of firehouse 21 comes to Boden to make sure his men stay in line. He’s speaking in reference to Severide coming by the firehouse. Severide trusts Cruz and Boden agrees to let him write the report as he sees fit. Rich Corbin comes by the firehouse looking to give Casey a donation for his campaign. His intention is to give the city someone fresh, someone trustworthy. The people he represents give their money to hospitals and museums; the donation will be helpful in making sure a website and campaign office can be utilized.

Since Jimmy is leaving, Sylvie puts her feelings on the table. She admits to him she’s had a huge crush on him since he arrived. Now that he’s leaving, who knows what they could have been. She walks away as he stands, flattered, but confused that she was so forthcoming.  Boden informs Jimmy he can stay at the firehouse by being a paramedic. He qualifies for service and is happy to be able to stay with the house. In the evening, Casey meets with “community leaders” about their needs for the neighborhood. But it turns out the meeting consists of ex gang members looking for a way to get the police off their back; and possibly turning off cameras in certain areas for their own personal gain.

Gretchen, Richter’s ex wife comes to Molly’s to confront Severide about the report. Her ex has been called to headquarters and could possibly be suspended. Severide stands by what Cruz saw and doesn’t change his stance. Sylvie feels embarrassed when Jimmy stays and will now be her partner; but they both agree to be professional about the ordeal.

The newest member of truck 81 is a woman named Stella Kidd. She and Gabby go way back and she is excited to have another female around.  Richter confides in Severide that he saw McCormick grab at the air, lose his balance, and fall. They inform Dr. Rhodes about what Richter saw; McCormick is still in a coma, but with the new information, tests can be run and determine a diagnosis.

A call comes in about a burning home; husband and wife make it out safely, but their cat Bobby is still inside. Boden orders Herrmann and Casey to turn around because there are no more victims inside. Casey stays behind to get the feline, makes for a great story. At the end of the episode, Casey goes to a party for campaign support. But it seems Corbin is angling for some properties to be rezoned for commercial use.

At the hospital, McCormick was diagnosed with angioplasty, and he could have been dead within a week had doctors not found it. He will make a full recovery once he is out of the hospital. Casey receives the good news from Rich that he is on the ballot. The good news does not last long when Rich reveals his true intentions and threatens to throw his support behind Alderman Becks instead. Casey does not appreciate the threat and throws Rich out of the bar.

On next week’s episode: A fire happens in a neighborhood with multiple witnesses; but no one wants to testify. Will anyone step up and help solve the mystery of the car fire?
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