After-Take: LAW & ORDER: SVU “Nationwide Manhunt”

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT -- "Nationwide Manhunt" Episode 1713 -- Pictured: Dallas Roberts as Dr. Greg Yates -- (Photo by: Michael Parmelee/NBC)

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT — “Nationwide Manhunt” Episode 1713 — Pictured: Dallas Roberts as Dr. Greg Yates — (Photo by: Michael Parmelee/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Nationwide Manhunt”

Beware – the following contains spoilers!!!

In a special crossover event, the Chicago Squad intelligence team will assist the New York Special Victim Unit. In the first scene, a young woman is seen cooking up lasagna and placing money, phone and knives into the bottom layers. Olivia Benson made a call to Voight asking if Lindsay would be comfortable talking with Dr. Yates about victims from their last encounter. Yates would much prefer speaking with Detective Rollins, but she does want to see him. She is already back on duty from her maternity leave, and that fact peaks Yates’s interest. Yates says he will only give information about the missing girls to Rollins; Lindsay still feels a great deal of guilt from Nadia’s death.

The team discusses the possibility of sending in Rollins to see Yates, but he may not even have information. But in the prison, a meeting is being held to socialize the inmates. Miss Wilkins makes sure the inmates can speak their minds and take an understanding to each other’s feelings. However, she is the woman who was making the lasagnas in the beginning of the episode. Yates comes to the class late, and pairs himself with Dr. Carl Rudnick. Yates is aware of the special lasagna and wants to be a part of the plan. First, he must meet with Detective Rollins. She does not go in alone; Carisi accompanies her visit. Yates gives up some information, hypothetically about the missing girls. But he refuses to give up more information until he secures a transfer to honor block, another section of the prison. He wants to be in the same section as Dr. Rudnick; Rudnick killed Yates’s fiancé and the team thinks he may be seeking revenge.

The next day Olivia, Mike and Rafael go to the prison in place of Rollins. But trouble ensues as three drones come upon the prison yard and drops weapons, drugs and money. Amidst all the chaos, no one can find Yates anywhere. Jose, Rudnick’s cellmate only knows a little information about the escape. The original plan was for him to escape with Rudnick, but Yates commandeered the plan. The last time both of them were seen was at a six am head count. They had a nine-hour head start once escaping through the prison walls and piping. They killed two men; electrical workers who helped them escape. Having both of these men loose sends panic through the media waves. Lindsay and Dawson were on their way to the airport, but turned around at the news of the escape.

Bronwyn Wilkins was indentified as the person smuggling items to Rudnick. She was also responsible for helping another serial killer escape from prison in the past. Her home is raided and her husband said she took their car for a family emergency. Her car is tracked down and jumpsuits are found in a dumpster. The team also find Bronwyn tied up in the trunk of another car nearby. She does not know where the men went next, but she is frightened and taken away.

Olivia, Rollins and Rafael question Bronwyn, she is convinced Rudnick saved her life. She gave them a small caliber gun and a map of a state park. A lead comes in at a winter vacation house. The neighbor called because the home is never used in the wintertime. Once inside, a female state trooper was found raped and murdered in the home. Their next lead comes to a boat port where Rudnick is found with massive injuries and freezing in the rain. Rudnick had broken knees, ankle and a punctured eardrum; their plan was to cross the border into Canada. Dodds and Lindsay are called back to the hospital after the border patrol has taken over on the lead. However, Lindsay sees a State Trooper car with a pick up truck. They pull over and find the trooper is dead, and missing his gun. Yates fires a shot and hits Dodds. Lindsay refuses to wait for back up and runs into the forest. She sees a cabin somewhat lit and enters the premises. She finds a young girl hiding under the desk wondering about her father. Lindsay runs outside to find Yates pulling away in another pick up truck. She finds the girl’s father dead with a single gun shot wound to the head; and a note sticking out of his mouth reading, See you at home, Erin.

The episode picks up with Chicago P.D.!