After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “The Sky Is Falling”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "The Sky Is Falling" Episode 413 -- Pictured: Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “The Sky Is Falling” Episode 413 — Pictured: Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The Sky is Falling”

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

Mouch announces a “Battle of the Badges” against the police offices. The money will go to a good cause, to be determined. But it seems like the cause would be Trudy and Mouch’s wedding. The first call is at Chicago’s own Soldier Field where purple smoke is looming out of the doors and windows. There is no fire seen but the FBI, and Alex come to investigate. Military smoke grenades were found, but no information could be disclosed to the firehouse. At the hospital, Sylvie chatted with an ambulance runner from the house Chili worked at. She becomes increasingly worried about Chili when she learns she lost her job at the last firehouse and went through three partners.

After the chat with Jen from ambulance 98, Sylvie tries to speak with Chili once again. Chili insists she has the situation under control and resents the cautionary tale. She speaks with Boden and asks that she be assigned a new partner. Chili claims it’s a personality clash, and that Sylvie disobeyed a direct order. Chili even wants to go straight to the head of the department; Boden is not happy and will continue the conversation later.

Casey is still searching for the missing money from the charity raised by the Councilman Alderman. Sylvie speaks with Boden and warns him about Chili’s erratic behavior and her being let go from her last firehouse. Homeland and FBI comes to the firehouse to speak of a terror attack. Since there are so many false alarms happening, its possible they’re trying to split the resources to plan for a larger attack. Boden has to speak with Chief Paramedic Hatcher regarding multiple complaints made against him. Although Boden enlisted a three-strike method, nothing was written down. He needs to decide whether Sylvie is worth the fight. Down at Antonio’s boxing building, Herrmann is insistent he knows best on how to train Jimmy for the boxing match. Although Gabby is the one with boxing history, silver gloves winner.

At the firehouse, Boden offers Chili one more chance; and with the correct representation so she could not fight. The result is not shown because the true nature of the boxing match is shown. The proceeds will be used for recouping money for the reception costs. No one has time to protest because another bomb threat has been seen. The largest bomb threat seems to be at the Willis Tower, but firehouse 51 is called to another location. The building security guard says fifteen people are in the building, and everything seemed normal. That is, until Severide sees a suspect on the roof. Once a few of the building occupants begin to run outside, the man on the roof opens fire on the civilians and truck.

Sylvie and Chili are stuck in one room, while Casey is by himself and watching helplessly as one gunman shoots into every room, he comes across. Casey finds Otis and they have a secure location for the moment. A bloody sign is put in the window asking for help; 81 offer to send up a ladder to save the civilian. It is unclear why this building was the intended target, but the gunman inside is relentless in taking down anyone in his sight. He’s so disconnected from his feelings; he even stops for a snack at the vending machine in-between the shootings.

The S.W.A.T. team has been called in for back up, but Severide goes up to save a victim from the second floor. Problem is, Boden loses sight of the shooter on the roof; the shooter peeks over the ledge with Severide in his sight. Alex takes out the shooter, but takes a bullet in her shoulder as a result. The civilian is transported safely down the ladder and Alex is taken to the medics.

While they’re held up in the room, Mouch smells smoke coming into the room. Casey decides to take the crew and civilians out of the room and risk sight from the gunman. Slowly crouching through the hallways, still hearing gunfire, they band close looking for an exit. Casey utilizes a device to see through the smoke to guide everyone to safety. They find an exit, but the door was chained shut, they had to make noise to get the door open, the shooter hears it and chases after them. Everyone makes it out safely and the swat members take out the suspect. Chili and Sylvie hear a woman in distress and decide to rush to her aid. Except there was one more shooter, he stood in front of them with his gun loaded, but the swat team was able to take him down before he put anyone else down. Once everything was deemed safe, the team had the chance to breath. It’s all over now.

At the end of the episode, Chili goes to Sylvie and finally confesses she needs help. She’s doing insane things and doesn’t know where it’s coming from. She apologizes and Sylvie just listens; it’s all she can do. Severide goes to visit Alex at the hospital, and he hears she will be relocated to Miami. Another woman come and gone for Kelly. The team gathers at Molly’s for a drink; Trudy and Mouch vow to donate the money from the boxing match to families who lost something from the attacks.

On next week’s episode: what begins as a routine call turns into a case that cannot be explained.