After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Not Everyone Makes It”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Not Everyone Makes It" Episode 412 -- Pictured: Eamonn Walker as Chief Wallace Boden -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “Not Everyone Makes It” Episode 412 — Pictured: Eamonn Walker as Chief Wallace Boden — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: Not Everyone Makes It

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

Severide, never one to be without a woman for too long, is spending some quality time with Alex Ward, a city official. Herrmann sees Freddie in court and has to testify about the night of the stabbing. Back at the firehouse, Chief Boden meets with Chili to talk about her grief. She wants to stay busy and at work, but Boden knows what she’s going through. So, he makes it very clear that if she wants to stay on the job, she has one more strike until she will be blacklisted throughout all of Chicago. The team gets a call to a city bus with trapped civilians. Several people try to escape out of the window while Casey begins to pry the bus door open. As he does, the van involved in the crash has a gas explosion. The team hustles and gets the civilians out safely. Casey and Herrmann do a final check of the bus when they find an elderly woman stuck in-between the seats. Everyone is evacuated and safe for another day.

Back at the firehouse, Herrmann divulges little information about his trial to Mouch. Alex drops by to see Severide and he won’t sign any of her papers about his involvement until he finds out why exactly he was called in. Shortly after, Casey receives a call from a woman he helped during the tornado crisis. Her son Lucas is missing and the police aren’t doing much to help aid in his search. Chili is furious at Sylvie for going to Boden about something that isn’t her business. Gabby reassures Sylvie they’ll work it out somehow. Herrmann receives a call from the prison and he doesn’t know whom it’s from or what it’s regarding. Freddy’s father is the one who called, and Cruz is worried he’s playing at an angle for Freddy’s sake. This man is a vicious killer and should not be trifled with.

Casey goes back to Lucas’ old home and finds him in the living room. Lucas is devastated by the passing of his father; Casey lost his father as well, and comforts Lucas. Ambulance 61 gets a call of a homeless man who passed out; him and his girlfriend were under the influence and paranoid. When the man wakes up, he’s convinced he’s being processed by the cops and beats up his girlfriend, and tosses Sylvie to the side. Chili takes action and uses a baton to get the guy off Sylvie. When police show up the girlfriend tries to press charges, but since the girl is tweaking, she is an unreliable source; so, the cops don’t worry about it. Once Casey brings Lucas back to the shelter, he’s sad to hear the shelter may be shut down. But a member of the council encourages Casey to come to the next meeting to help raise awareness and maybe some extra cash. True to her word, Alex comes back and tells Severide everything she knows about the case. Lab results show all the makings of a homemade bomb and she has to wait to hear about the suspects. But Severide agrees to sign the paperwork, back at Alex’s hotel room.

Herrmann meets with Freddie’s father at the prison; his father pleads that Herrmann forgive Freddie. Freddie feels guilty that he betrayed the people who were only trying to help him. Herrmann is feeling torn, because before he told Cruz he wasn’t in any way ready to forgive Freddie for what happened. Back in the city, Casey gives an impromptu speech at the city council meeting in hopes of saving the shelter. Chili finally comes around the gives an apology to both Gabby and Sylvie about her recent behavior. Losing her sister to drugs has given Chili a wake up call and she sees the error of her ways. Casey’s speech was a success and had earned over $50,000 in support of the shelter.

The firehouse is called to a home where parents are worried their teenage son may be contemplating suicide. He had been bullied recently and is taking anti depressants to cope. Unsure about how to take on the situation, Casey and Boden consider a few different methods; but are forced to break down the door once they hear a small commotion. They break down the door where they find Michael, attempting to hang himself from the ceiling fan. His parents can only watch as the team works to bring him back. After two deliberator shocks, they find a pulse and take him into the hospital.

Despite Casey’s best efforts, the shelter will still be closing. Casey is confused and goes to see Councilman Alderman about the issue. Casey isn’t getting a clear answer about where the money went, and the councilman only seems to be more suspicious.

At the end of the episode, Herrmann goes back to the judge and speaks more about faith and morals than just a simple testimony. He wishes for Freddie to have mercy bestowed upon him because he did not have a proper mentor growing up. The deal Herrmann agrees to will be a slap on the wrist instead of jail time; probation, mandatory counseling and community service. Freddie cannot believe why he’s getting such mercy, but he is appreciative of the offer. At Molly’s, Chili is off drinking with Squad 3; only so much Gabby and Sylvie can do.

On next week’s episode, an extraordinary storyline rocks the firehouse. A man has taken over a building with heavy gunfire and puts the lives of many in danger. It is up to the firehouse members to save the civilians and make sure everyone of their company makes it out alive.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call the national hotline 1-800-273-TALK(8255).