After-Take: CHICAGO PD “Looking Out for Stateville”

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Looking Out For Stateville" Episode 312 -- Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

CHICAGO P.D. — “Looking Out For Stateville” Episode 312 — Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Name of the Episode: Looking Out for Stateville

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

The Intelligence team tries to figure out why Eddie is around in the office. Voight and Eddie used to be cellmates; Voight figures he owes Eddie one. Eddie is being used as a confidential informant against a cocaine drug dealer to get a payday to leave town. The plan seems shaky to some of the detectives in the precinct, but Voight ensures that if the plan goes south, he is ready to turn Eddie in. The team sets up to raid the Lost Disciples safe house for the drug trade. A gunfight ensues and a small fire breaks out as a distraction. However, the team is able to take down the drug runners and ensures the tip they received from Eddie was sound. Large amounts of drugs and over forty thousand dollars were taken into evidence.

Eddie is not happy with the amount of money and does not want to work in a warehouse for Voight in the meantime. The disappointments continue, as Ruzeck and his father have to cancel on a dinner Burgess planned for their parents. She was hoping the dinner would help move the wedding date along. Later, Eddie calls Voight in a panic because the FBI was at his doorstep. Before Voight got to the apartment, Eddie had shot the agent dead. Voight discovers the man was only posing as an FBI agent, and he was a part of the Lost Disciples. Voight thinks quick and has Eddie’s girlfriend, Audrey put her prints on the shotgun so a court would not send Eddie back to prison for possession of a firearm. Despite Audrey’s reservations, she and her daughter Tracy go into protective custody until the team can capture the men responsible.

The next group of the drug ring the team wants to hit is the 25 boys. Eddie is certain his contact in will confirm the stash house is running through Chinatown. Antonio does not like how Eddie is handling the contacts and wonders how much they can trust him. Lucky for Eddie, he gets the information regarding the 25 boys cocaine location. The team raids the building and captures all the workers. Lindsay sees Tracy is not comfortable around Eddie; Tracy believes her mom is blind to what Eddie is really up to. Lindsay is sympathetic but thinks it is best to keep it to herself, so the situation does not become more complicated. Tracy may be right because Eddie keeps pressuring Voight for more money and more raids. Voight decides to take a run at Jenson, without any backup, just him and Eddie.

Antonio has enough of the secrets and confronts Voight. He does not want to be used to pay off a prison debt. But Voight confesses Eddie saved his life while they were in prison. Four men jumped Voight, hoping to kill a cop; but Eddie stepped in with a few friends and gave Voight a second chance. So, Voight and Eddie continue with their plan and head to the nightclub to see Jenson. They go in to make a deal to get Jenson the cocaine back so they can sell it for profit. It is a way for Eddie to get square with Jenson, and Voight ensures Narcotics will not investigate further into the case. Along with their deal, Voight also becomes a part of Jenson’s payroll. Their deal is going down the next day, and Voight has some worries.

Eddie refuses to wear any sort of camera, so Mouse says he can find an alternate way to get the deal on camera. The team meets at the horse racetrack and gets into position. Eddie swaps the drugs for the money as planned and Mouse gets the footage they need. Voight intercepts Eddie and the team runs after Jenson and his associates. Jay and Al are able to capture Jenson; but Eddie has alternate plans once he gets in the car with Voight. He does not want to account for the payday he just came up with. He has a truck waiting for his escape; he used Audrey and Tracy as part of his plan to make it seem like he turned a new leaf. But to Eddie’s surprise, Antonio is in the back of the truck cab, ready to make the arrest. Despite Eddie and Audrey not being married, Voight wants to give them a cut of the money because it is the right thing to do. The Deputy agrees to make an exception; Tracy and Lindsay encourage Audrey to start over with the money.

At the end of the episode, Burgess questions Ruzeck’s commitment to their relationship. She feels he doesn’t want to look like the bad guy for ending their engagement. So, she “lets him off the hook” and gives back her engagement ring. With his quivering lip, Ruzeck stands in the locker room devastated and confused.

On next week’s episode, fake cops are roaming Chicago. They are pulling over citizens and asking for money for their release. It’s up to the intelligence team to figure out who’s behind this scheme. Stay tuned for next week’s after take!