After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “The Path of Destruction”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "The Path of Destruction" Episode 411 -- Pictured: David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “The Path of Destruction” Episode 411 — Pictured: David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: The Path of Destruction

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

Herrmann has returned to Firehouse 51! The doctor gives him the all clear, but Cindy is obviously worried that he’s rushing back into work. Everyone is happy to have him back, but Cruz keeps feeling guilty about bringing Freddy into the house. But there is a storm coming and it’s unsure where it will hit next. Chili is still upset with anyone who gets in her way. She doesn’t want to be friends with Jimmy after their break up and snaps at Sylvie for returning her radio. Neither of them have time to dwell on the issue because a tornado warning has been issued for Chicago. Severe weather is imminent and everyone is encouraged to take shelter.

Chief Boden gathers the crew together and orders everyone to stay in unless they are on a call. Otis enlists Gabby’s help to ensure women stop looking past him and picking other men. Herrmann worries about his family with the tornado warnings, but he won’t be home until after his shift the next morning. Sylvie and Chili head out for a call of a collapsed woman. The woman seemed to be suffering a seizure, Chili draws up some medication and pushes it into the patient. The woman stops breathing and Sylvie sees Chili mistakenly gave the women 10 milligrams of morphine. Chili is completely zoned out and useless; Sylvie grabbed the correct medication and helped save the woman. Chili doesn’t see the problem in what she did. She even lied to a nurse on duty about why the morphine was used.

The tornado has touched town in Chicago, and made it to Herrmann’s neighborhood. Structure damage is extensive and he cannot get a signal to his family’s home. A young boy called 911 worried about his parents. His mother is pregnant and missing; he missed the tornado and rode home on his bike. When he turned around to go back to the house, Casey saw a large piece of glass sticking out of the boy’s back. Lucas is unaware of his injury, his body is in shock, protecting him from the pain. Neighbors were barricaded in the basement, one fatality was at the scene. Lucas’ parents were not in the basement, their apartment is on fire and Casey enlists Herrmann to help in the rescue. They find the couple and ease them out of the second story apartment.

Herrmann is visibly worried about his family, so Casey has the truck swing by the house to check on the family. Annabelle flushed the cell phone in the toilet, but the family is safe and the tornado threat has been lifted. Back at the firehouse, Otis learns Sylvie is no longer seeing Austin. He decides to finally make a change to stop being in the friend zone. Once one threat is lifted, another presents itself; Alex Ward of Homeland Security stops by to see Chief Boden. Severide was called into the meeting as well. Less than a block from the scene, Ward needs access to a building without a warrant. The issue or person involved has yet to be seen.

Sylvie confides to Gabby about Chili’s erratic behavior that’s been happening the past few weeks. She has not gone to Boden yet, but Gabby feels that if Sylvie cannot trust her partner on the streets, then she has a problem to sort out. Sylvie tries to confront Chili about her mistake, but Chili still will not own up to any misgivings about the situation. Meanwhile, Ward and Severide check out the home in question hoping to find answers. They find ingredients to make a home made bomb; this threat level will do more damage than the tornado they just endured. Casey goes to Chicago Med to check on Lucas and his parents; the father did not make it, but Lucas is in good health. The glass shard missed his spine and lungs.

Cruz keeps feeling guilty about Freddy stabbing Herrmann; Herrmann doesn’t want to hear about any updates regarding Freddy’s jail sentence or conditions, he wants to move on with his life. Back at Molly’s the crew joins for a night out. Otis finally shaves off his facial hair for a change; let’s see if it helps his dating situations.

At the end of the episode, Antonio tells Gabby that Chili’s sister, Jelly Bean was found dead in Kansas City. It would explain her erratic behavior, but since she never told anyone, Sylvie feels she has no choice but to tell Boden. She meets with him and voices her concerns about Chili. Chief Boden will make his final decision on next week’s episode.

Next week: The firehouse races to save a bus full of people, but are running out of time for safety. Stay tuned for next week’s after take!