Peter Lenkov talks HAWAII FIVE-0’s Season Finale

hawaiifive01As Hawaii Five-0 rides the wave into the Season Five sunset, I chat via email with Executive Producer Peter Lenkov to catch a glimpse of what viewers might expect as the next big cliffhanger looms.

James Bond-esque Ending

Though Lenkov prefers to play his cards close to the vest, he confirms with mytakeontv that Kono is in fact getting married. “But we have some major surprises in store,” he’s quick to add, “some character, some plot. What I can tell you in a big picture sense is our heroes get to go all James Bond and save the island.” Here at mytakeontv, I don’t have the key to unlock the door to find out just what our heroes are saving the island from, so everyone will just have to hang on a bit longer to solve that mystery.

Closure for McGarrett

At the start of Season Five, Lenkov teased that the next 25 episodes would be all about closure. Since the season’s start, viewers have seen McGarrett in his pre-pilot “chase” of the Hesse brothers on the Navy SEAL front and his family time getting to know Aunt Deb (played by Carol Burnett).  Viewers have also seen McGarrett get emotional at the end of Episode 19’s “Close Shave” when he’s looking at pictures of abducted children. (And everyone knows McGarrett is really an old softie when it comes to kids). I ask Lenkov what viewers might expect to see as far as closure in the Lieutenant Commander’s family life as well as his life as a Navy SEAL. Lenkov says, “The theme still resonates in a lot of our second half of the season stories. I can’t give away too many details, but it’ll make sense when the Finale airs. As for McGarrett, his issues with his mom is still one (storyline) that won’t be resolved this season. That’s one we will take our time to build on.” Do I hear a ‘Season Six’ announcement?hawaiifive02

Character Bonding

Over time, actors not only learn to “become” their characters, but they bond with fellow actors in each series. I want to know how Lenkov has seen this to be true since the first episode of Five-0. “I think our characters have grown,” he begins, “as people who work closely together do, into a very tight family. The original vision is the same. The characters are true to their inception, but they have developed into very real people for me. I still get choked up watching some of the developments that take place in their lives, the highs and lows. They’re real people to me, which I guess is the best compliment to our talented cast.”


End of Five-0

With all the talk about series Finale, I have to ask how Lenkov envisions the Five-0 Task Force coming to an end. McGarrett has succeeded in accomplishing his purpose in forming the Task Force in the first place – to avenge the death of his father. When he killed Wo Fat in the 100th episode, “Ina Paha” (If Perhaps), his job was essentially done. What happens to McGarrett in the series’ final scene? Does he simply feel his work is done and walk away, thus ending the Task Force – or does the Task Force go on without him? Lenkov answers, “If you’re asking me if I know how the series ends, I do, but I don’t think I ever envisioned the Task Force coming to an end. It was established by McGarrett, but that doesn’t mean it can’t live on if he ever hangs up his kevlar vest and cargo pants. I think the Five-0 Task Force will outlive him, and we’ll consider it a part of his legacy.”

The Hawaii Five-0 Season Five Finale, “A Make Kaua” (Until We Die), directed by Bryan Spicer, airs on CBS Friday, May 8, at 9 P.M.