Talking HAPPYLAND AND SCORPION with Camille Guaty

image001[4] copy (1)You all definitely recognize the face of Camille Guaty.  She’s been a TV staple for years, popping up in starring or guest starring roles on some of my favorites like PRISON BREAK, THE CHICAGO CODE, and LAS VEGAS.  Or maybe you recognize her from GHOST OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST or BLINK (and up next, she’ll pop up in the new Jennifer Aniston award-buzzy CAKE). It’s always great to see her on our screens, and she’s gotten to sink her teeth into two very different roles this fall season – HAPPYLAND on MTV (mother to a teenager who works in an amusement park) and SCORPION on CBS (Walter’s sister who is struggling with her MS as it gets worse).

We had a chance to catch up about the two shows, what it’s been like to go back and forth, and what’s coming next for Camille –

bianca-santos-lucy-camille-guaty-elenaTalk about what drew you to playing this roll in HAPPYLAND?
Neil Merron and Craig Zedan we’re the reasons why I took the role in Happyland.  They are 2 huge producers that have produced some of my favorite projects…Chicago, Hairspray, the Oscars…to name a few.  Originally HAPPYLAND was supposed to be a musical and my dream would be to have a show where I could do both, sing and act. Unfortunately they eliminated that aspect of the show, but I’m not letting go of the hope that they could bring it back.

Why do you think fans are enjoying HAPPYLAND?
It’s a teen dramedy that has the audience constantly guessing.  I feel like the writers did a great job in packing in a lot of story in a short amount of time.  That with the combination of how we created our characters and the world of Happyland, will leave you wanting more. The element of surprise is always a great draw.

What about your role in SCORPION- who are you playing / will we see it recur beyond these November episodes?
I Play Megan O’Brien, the sister to the lead character, Walter O’Brien.  She has been sick, with M.S., since she was a little girl and has been told that she may only have a year before she loses all her motor skills.  The conflict for my brother is that he’s a genius that can fix everything, but me.  You will see throughout the remainder of the season how I help my brother and how he helps me. Megan may or may not be dying…I can’t say.  But what I can tell you is that she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

25820574_Still_Scorpion_RobertPatrick_CamilleGuaty_RileyBSmith_AriStidham_ElyesGabel_KatharineMcPheeWhat is it like working on the two shows – HAPPYLAND’s drama vs SCORPION’s action, etc.?
For me, even though Happyland was considered a dramedy, I was responsible for a huge portion of the drama.  The same with Scorpion…my character is there to shed some emotional balance for my brother and for some of the other characters. Megan really has molded into becoming the heart of the show…a shoulder to cry on and a reason to believe.  What can I say…I love the drama…I love to cry!!

It’s always so great to see you popping up – where else can we see you as the new season continues?  More shows?  Movies?
Thank you!! I managed to fit in two movies since filming Happyland.  Cake, which will premiere in January, where I worked alongside Jennifer Aniston, William H. Macy and Anna Kendrick. And The Wedding Invitation…a movie written, produced, directed and acted by women…In front and behind the camera!!

Is there a dream role you’d love to play but haven’t had the chance yet?
I’ve been throwing it out there lately with the hopes of someone taking notice…haha…I would be in heaven to play a role that takes place in the Elizabethan Era…the only bummer would be the corsets….since they’re so tight.

What do you like to watch on TV when you have a minute?
My Obsession right now is the Walking Dead!! Wouldn’t mind being a part of that too!!

HAPPYLAND just finished Season 1 on MTV.
SCORPION continues Monday nights at 10/9c on CBS.