Talking RightThisMinute with show host Gayle Bass!

picture-58-1409093306A few weeks ago, we mentioned our love for the syndicated show RightThisMinute, and I had a chance to chat back and forth with one of the hosts, Gayle Bass, about what sets the show apart from others – check out what she had to say about how the show comes together!

Tell me a bit about how the show came together!
We wanted to create a show based on what millions of people are doing everyday, watching and sharing videos on the web.  And we wanted to reflect the way friends share videos with each other.  No scripts, just a group of people sitting around a table telling each other about what they’re watching together and asking the kinds of questions people at home ask.  But because we are journalists, we go many steps further and find the story behind the videos and Skype the people who record them.  Who doesn’t like a great viral video?

Of all the formats out there, why did you gravitate towards this kind of show?
Think about how we consume viral videos. You see something, you share it. And the water cooler is no longer in the office. It’s Facebook, Twitter and any other social media where you only need a laptop or cell phone say, “OMG – LOOK at this.”

What are your favorite videos to discuss or bring to the group?
I’m known for loving the animal videos. But the traveler in me loves the stories we do on people who jump from the world’s highest peaks in wing suits. Then there are those stories of people traveling the globe, sometimes only with backpacks and a bike to see things you don’t get to see in a package tour. Those, to me, are the most inspiring stories.

Have you ever made a crazy video that you thought may go viral, intentionally or not?
No, I’ve never intentionally tried to make a crazy video. But there are many times I’ve wished I’ve had a dash cam because seeing a guy with pants sagging to his knees running to catch a commuter train but tripping over himself is something you just can’t prepare for when out and about. I love when people accidentally do catch that kind of action. However, I did take a camera along when I went skydiving the first time. The way our show is set up, one of us gets the video. The other hosts have not seen it. So their reactions were honestly fresh. They had NO idea I’d gone skydiving. When I revealed it was me, the looks on their faces were priceless. 

How do you pick which videos you’re going to discuss?
We’ve kinda figured out what’s going to trend. We are consumers as well as everyone else, so when we gasp, cry, laugh or scoff we know other people will too.

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