Kristin Booth talks the SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED Finale

kristin-booth-on-signed-sealed-deliveredHallmark original series Signed, Sealed, Delivered may make you cry.  It may make you laugh.  But it will never disappoint.

Kristin Booth, who plays Shane McInerney on the Martha Williamson series, recently spoke with me about her role and about what makes the show so unique.

Who Is Shane?

“Shane is a very modern woman, very independent, self-sufficed.  She has the capability to break into a mainframe to get information.  She can be dangerous in the wrong hands, that’s for sure.  In her heart, though, she wants to do good.  That’s what keeps her working at the DLO (Dead Letter Office).  She found herself there by accident and then made the decision to stay.  I think her motivation to stay was that she realized she could do good work and be involved with some great people.  It all may be appear strange and odd in her eyes, but she is somehow drawn to it.”

What Makes Signed, Sealed So Unique

An avid TV viewer, Booth believes Signed, Sealed stands out from even other family oriented shows because it has a little bit of everything.  “It has something that will make you laugh, that will make you think.  It makes you wonder what you would do or feel in similar situations.  It will also pull on your heartstrings and make you cry.  You really feel like you’ve gone on a journey with the characters.  The appeal for me is that the show is something I can share with my two year-old daughter and be proud to share it with her.  Even at her wee age of two, she will watch the show at times and say, ‘Mommy’s on TV,’ and I’m very proud and very happy for her to see me on this show.  I look forward to the time she gets older, and I can share it with her even more as she’s able to comprehend and take more from the show.

“What I love about the characters is that they’re not perfect.  They’re interesting and quirky.  They have layers; they’re different; and they’re sometimes hilarious to watch.  I think they’re somehow more accessible than characters on other shows.  You feel like you’re coming back to their family every Sunday night.”

Special Guest Star

This Sunday, June 22, marks the First Season Finale “A Hope and A Future,” and Carol Burnett will make a guest appearance as the grandmother Norman (Geoff Gustafson) never knew he had.   Burnett told me via her rep, “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Martha Williamson and her terrific cast on Signed, Sealed, Delivered.  She created a wonderful character for me to play.” Over the past Season, the audience has also been able to see the relationship between Shane and Oliver (Eric Mabius) grow and change.  Toward the Finale, their individual differences have caused them to become very close, yet also a step away from each other.

Though this is the first time Booth has worked with Williamson, she finds the Producer to be an amazing person.  “The minute I met her, I liked her.  I was already familiar with her work long before we met.  She’s such an amazing person to be around.  She’s very positive and encouraging.  She’s fun to be around, and she makes my job easy.  All I have to do is come in and tell a story.  I don’t need to rework it.  All the clues I need to play Shane are already there.”

Continuing A Theme

Upcoming for Booth is indie project The Calling, which she did with Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, Gil Bellows, and Donald Sutherland.  “It has a slew of great actors, and it’s about a small town and how that town is infected and changed by a serial killer.  It’s a bit darker story than Signed, Sealed, but it does send a message of hope as well. “

Though Booth thinks Shane can be very stubborn at times, she loves playing the character.  While on hiatus for the summer, she’s looking forward to spending some missed time with her daughter and just being a mom.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Finale airs Sunday, June 22, at 8 P.M. on Hallmark.



  • c waddell

    Please tell me SSD will return this year, 2014! My husband and family and I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

  • Gina Gerras

    This show is head and shoulders above 99% of what is on television. Surely there will be continued seasons???!!!

  • Haven’t heard either way at this point! Will announce it once we hear!

  • Lynn

    Just watched my first episode of signed sealed and delivered!! Loved it… I didn’t know it was a series and it was the season finalie with Carol Burnett. Please contiue this show!! It’s wonderful

  • Lynn

    I just watch my first episode of signed sealed and delivered. Loved it!! I didn’t know it was a series and it was the season finale with Carol Burnett. Please continue the show it is wonderful!!!

  • Fredie

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I taped and watched it over and over again when I am down. Made me laugh and made me cry – a combination of emotions when watching a good TVshow. Soooo tired of seeing nothing but “reality (not really) show these days. Signed, Sealed and Delivered is very refreshing. Looking forward to seeing more seasons and episodes in the future.