Talking CROSSBONES with Henry Hereford

HenryWith an all new episode of NBC’s CROSSBONES airing tonight at 10/9c, I spent some time chatting with Henry Hereford, the show’s Frederick Nightingale, about what’s to come, how TV is different than stage and screen, his impeccable taste in TV shows, and what he has going on next!

What was it that drew you to CROSSBONES?
I honestly did not know about the show until my agent called me and asked me to audition. Obviously I was very excited when I heard who was involved. I love Neil Cross’ work and was a massive fan of Luther

Tell us about your character?
Frederick Nightingale is a clockmaker. He is a very clever man and has built the first chronometer, which will change the landscape of shipping at that time. In the Pirate’s hands it will provide the location of ships to pillage and for the British it will enable them to allude the pirates. He also holds the key to how it works and how to make more and as a result finds himself wanted by both sides in a very dangerous situation

What can you tease for us about what is coming in the next few episodes?
I am afraid you will just have to wait and see! It will be worth the wait and more fun, I promise you!

What was the process – was there training involved in embodying the character?
With Television you are really thrown into it which is so much fun. There just isn’t the time for training. You are often cast because you are so similar to the character and the breakdown gives you all the information you need. Obviously on set you are given technical notes and David Slade was an amazing director, he was very clear on what he wanted.

What has been like working with such a great cast and crew?
To be honest it was a dream come true! I found out on a Friday I got the role, on Monday I was heading to Puerto Rico! I could not have worked with more talented and amazing people. All the cast and crew were so hard working and it was like being a part of a large family. I made so many great friends and had the time of my life.

What is it about CROSSBONES that you think audiences are connecting with?
I think they will connect with the relationships. It is about Pirates but it much more about a group of people who have chosen a way of life for themselves and other people’s opinions on that. The writing is incredible and people will be taken on a journey that they will relish

What is the main difference between preparing for TV vs stage or film?
As mentioned, It is the time. You often learn about your character through rehearsals when working on a play. I would say that Film is more in the middle as you often get cast ahead of time but that again will depend on the role. Television is by way the fastest and that is why you need to know who you are and what you play and be ready to present the most attractive version of yourself. (My acting coach told me that and it has been invaluable)

When you have downtime, what do you watch on TV?
I am currently watching Fargo which is amazing, I would love to work on that. I am also watching the new season of 24, it is fun to see London and have Stephen Fry as the Prime Minister! I can’t wait for the new seasons of Bates Motel, Banshee and Parks and Recreation

What else do you have coming up?
I was in a film called “Man Camp” with Dean Cain. I filmed it about 2 years ago and I am excited that it is now being released.

You’ve been involved in philanthropic causes- what are nearest and dearest to your heart these days?
I am hoping to get involved with The Golden Hat Foundation which is an incredible Autism charity. I am very keen to support this cause as I believe there is not enough awareness and understanding about autism in adults in particular. I have also lent my hand to the LA food bank which does amazing work for the homeless in Los Angeles. I want to be doing more this coming year.

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