SUBURGATORY’s Carly Chaikin previews “Dalia Nicole Smith”

CARLY CHAIKINSUBURGATORY has been having a great season – hilarious episodes that find George wading the post-Dallas-relationship waters, Tessa dealing with Ryan’s distance, an engagement and new little brother for Lisa.  Dalia, meanwhile has been up to her old tricks – fighting Tessa at a beauty pageant for kids, funding a one way trip for Tessa to a third world country.  And this week, she’s trying to get into college!

I spent some time chatting with the woman behind Dalia, Carly Chaikin, about what’s coming tonight, and what’s coming for the future!

I loved the pageant from last week, and I’m excited about “Dalia Nicole Smith” this week – tell me a little bit about what to expect.
The episode is her basically, Dalia and Tessa are both applying to college, we see Dalia’s amazing college interview that she has. After that, Dallas realizes that Dalia might not be getting into college, and she figures out that they should explore things that Dalia could do if she doesn’t get into college. And that has her finding a possible new suitor for Dalia.

Dalia cracks me up, because she’s not necessarily “all there” all the time, but she can whip out plane tickets for Tessa in the next minute without missing a beat. What’s it like to get into her head?
I think what’s great about TV, working on TV, and having it be in the third season, at this point, I really am able to go in and out of Dalia in a second. She’s become such a part of me that even sitting at home in my pajamas, I could still be here [laughs] which is kind of a scary thought. On set, at work, the second that I just get into hair and makeup, and with my blonde hair, I’m automatically there!

CHERYL HINES, BUNNIE RIVERAI’ve talked to Cheryl in the past about it, too, getting in Dallas’ mind set, and she said, once she gets the clothes and hair done up, it’s like a switch was flipped!
Oh yeah! [laughs]

What would you love to see for Dalia going forward? We see that her future plans may not be what she had been hoping for this week.
What we see for her throughout the rest of the season is more of Dalia completely overstepping all of the boundaries, and taking on positions and things that are inappropriate for her to do [laughs]. I don’t know, I think it’s one of the things that I can’t wait to see what happens next with her.

I love the relationship, the friendship, between Tessa and Dalia – what is that like to play opposite someone you’re close to?
It’s so fun. I think the fact that Jane and I in real life are really good friends helps so much on screen. You see, there is this weird, underneath it all, I think they do both care about each other in a way. I think because we are actually close, you can kind of see that, but it is so fun to play a character like that with someone you’re really close with. It makes it hard to have to stare at her dead in the eye, and deliver these lines to her, that we both, inside, are just dying at [laughs]. It does make it all that more fun. It would kind of be a little more awkward if we didn’t like each other and had to play that [laughs]. I really do love their relationship. There is so much more to it than just a catty “I don’t like you; I don’t like you, either” kind of thing.

CARLY CHAIKINI love the family dynamic that the four of you had before Dallas and George split up – do you think that they’ll find their way back to each other, where you and Tessa will be thrown into the “sisters” kind of world again?
I don’t know! I hope so. I definitely loved that dynamic as well. It was really fun, in real life, to play, and for all of us to work together. I found it funny, on screen, as well. I hope so!

What do you think about this season of SUBURGATORY – as a fan of the show, what are you loving this year?
I’ve been a fan of this show from day one. Obviously, the first time I even read the script. I think throughout the seasons, and especially with this season, it’s found its grounding and footing. Development of all of the characters, the storylines, the writing, I think it’s really just all come together solidly. It’s such a strong show. For me, even when I watch it, I still laugh out loud, and most of the time, I was there doing it [laughs], and I already know what’s going to happen, and it still makes me laugh. I think it’s such a feel good show, and something you can put on for 30 minutes, and go on this adventure with them into a whole different world. It’s entertaining, light hearted, and smart. All of those things.

Do you have other shows that you watch?
I’m very into BOB’S BURGERS right now [laughs]. It’s one of my favorite shows.

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