Chatting SWITCHED AT BIRTH with Katie Leclerc

katie2It’s always a pleasure to speak with Katie Leclerc.  Though she describes herself as a “nerd,” she’s truly one of the most humble, sincere people I’ve ever met.

Murder Mystery Bash

When we spoke via phone recently about Switched at Birth’s Third Season, Leclerc teased a bit about Daphne as well as one of her favorite episodes of the season, “The Scream,” which aired just after we spoke.  In the episode, Kathryn (Lea Thompson) held a “Mafia” murder-mystery bash, with everyone in attendance except Daphne, who was busy at the Clinic.

Character Changes

Leclerc told me, “Daphne is learning to spread her wings this season, and she’s excited about trying new things.  She’s working at the Clinic and leaning toward a career in Medicine.  And, there’s a pivotal moment coming up for her,” she teased.

When asked how she thinks Daphne has changed over the seasons, Leclerc said, “I think she’s sort of facing her fears this season.  She’s learned to focus some of her energy into the Clinic.  And, positive things come out of that.  Daphne is a person who really likes a challenging environment.  This season, we’re focusing on graduation and things like that.  Daphne has to decide where she’s going to college and what kind of future she wants to have.    I’m excited to see that.”


Guest Roles

Leclerc has other projects in the works as well.  She recently had a guest spot on Community (the episode “Analysis of Cork-based Networking “ aired in January).  When asked about the experience, she that particular episode was a college-age girl.  It was also perfect timing for me with spring hiatus.

“That was actually one of my favorite experiences on a set, ever.  The cast was so lovely and real.  It’s their sixth season, so they’re sort of old timers.  They know their characters.  But, I was getting lost all the time.  They kept having to point me in the right direction.  It was such a great experience, though.  And, I thought my character was pretty humorous.  She was also sweet and caring.”


Leclerc’s fans might also be interested to know she has a new project on the horizon called Mesmerized.  “I play a girl who has to travel through multiple universes.  It was very, very fun.  By the end of it, everybody knew each other.  We still hang out together.  I really like that sense of community.  It sort of reminds me of why I got into acting in the first place.  That project’s in post-production.”

In addition, Leclerc is considering at least three other projects .

Switched at Birth airs on ABC Family on Monday nights at 9.

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