Tahj Mowry teases BABY DADDY’s season finale: “With Tucker and Bonnie, they are always up to no good”

TAHJ MOWRYTonight on ABC Family, BABY DADDY Season 2 comes to a conclusion with the return of the Baby Mama, and a resolution to at least of one of the love triangles we’ve come to love.  When Bonnie realizes that she never officially filed the paperwork for Ben to have sole custody, she and Tucker team up to save the day.  What follows isn’t always the route “normal people” would take.  I spent some time chatting with Tahj Mowry (Tucker) about what’s coming up tonight, what we’ll see in Season 3, and what other sitcom “sidekick” Tucker resembles!

What can you tease right off the bat of about the season finale?
You can expect the definition of a dramedy – we’ve got the comedy in this last episode, and there’s your fair share of dramatic moments.  There’s closure to the love triangle that I think people will be pleasantly surprised about.  We’ve got the baby mama coming back.  It’s a great finale.  I think it’s going to be one of the best ones in sitcoms, for sure, as far as season finales.  Leaves you satisfied but wanting more, so I think fans will be excited for the wait for Season 3.  I think they’re going to be shaking the entire time, just waiting.  It leaves you wanting more.

MELISSA PETERMAN, TAHJ MOWRYI read a little bit about the episode, and it sounds like Tucker and Bonnie are teaming up to get up to no good.
With Tucker and Bonnie, they are always up to no good, but I feel like in the back of their heads, they’re really trying to do something good and to help, but they just don’t know how normal people would do that.  They’re not normal at all, so when they team up, you’re just waiting for bad news.  It’s just bound to be bad.  They’re so competitive with each other in a way, and then they kind of hate each other, and kind of love each other.  They may be in love.  They’re so weird!  It’s so fun to play.  They get in their zone where it’s like, we can do this, let’s be a team, and in the season finale, they’re totally that team, but as you’re going to see, they just take it way too far [laughs].  It’s funny, but it’s like, oh my god guys, can you do anything simple? [laughs]  You may see Tucker with a different accent, I don’t know.  They just go too far with it.  That’s what’s so fun about playing in scenes with both of them.  Melissa and I feed off each other anyway.  It’s fun, and we love it.  We have a switch that turns on, and we can’t turn off.

MELISSA PETERMAN, TAHJ MOWRYI love the interaction with you and Melissa (Bonnie), but I do have to say that the whole cast works together well, too – any pairing is funny.  Is that due to chemistry off screen as well as on?
Well, yeah, definitely.  As we’re watching our characters grow, and being our characters and making them grow, we’re living out life experiences together on set.  The friendship in the show is so strong – you can see that it’s strong – because we’re all strong friends offset as well.  It makes you act better.  If it’s a fighting scene, the passion will be there more, because you’re actually friends with this person.  That makes it harder to do a serious scene, because you just want to laugh [laughs].  JL (Bilodeau, Ben) and I have the worst trouble – we have so much trouble doing scenes.  If it’s just a Tucker and Ben scene, it’s probably going to take a while to get done.  Because, I don’t know what it is, [laughs], we just look at each other and start laughing.  It’s hilarious.

TAHJ MOWRY, MELISSA PETERMAN, JEAN-LUC BILODEAU, DEREK THELERWhat about Tucker have you fallen in love with as you’re playing this character?
I love Tucker because deep down, he’s such a great friend.  He’s a great person, but he’s so sarcastic.  He has no filter.  But I love him because he’s so confident with himself, even like when he shouldn’t be, you know, with girls.  He’s very girl-crazy.  Being confident about yourself is what it’s all about – he dresses well, he’s very well put together.  He complains a lot, but hey, you know, that’s Tucker.  He’s a great friend, and he’s there for his friends.  He may not handle situations the best way, but he means well.  It’s fun to play him because there’s never a dull moment.  I can go there with Tucker, which is what you want to do when you’re in a sitcom because you’re allowed to, go there with big moments.  I think Tucker’s character was created for sitcoms – I’ve had fun creating and sort of creating that character that is Tucker because it’s so fun.  I’m adding more and more to him, and I’m starting to find layers to him that I didn’t even know.  I become Tucker at work, and I’m like, oh my god, this kid’s ridiculous!

Oh yeah!  We’re going to get to see Tucker’s parents, so that’ll be a very interesting thing – there’s a whole storyline with that that should be very interesting [laughs].  Tucker’s single now, so he’s going to be getting some loving every now and then [laughs].  I think he’s finally over Vanessa, so he’s ready to go on the hunt.  He loves using the baby as his bait when he’s going fishing [laughs].  I’ve had multiple people tell me this as well – I’m slowly starting to realize that Tucker is basically Schmidt from NEW GIRL.  Which is funny, because we were up against each other for Teen Choice, and I’m like NAH!  He’s that guy who is girl crazy, way too overconfident, they have no idea how to talk to people in general, but they still do.  I love that show, and the actor that plays Schmidt – he’s a genius.  I love playing Tucker; they’re kind of similar, but I put my twist on Tucker.  One of my favorite things about him that I created is that sometimes Tucker can get a little “street.”  Sometimes Tucker’s black side comes out! [laughs]  He’s gotta get a little “ghetto” sometimes, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with that! [laughs].

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