Talking rebounding in Chatswin and “hot-shorts” with Alan Tudyk from SUBURGATORY

ALAN TUDYKThis season on SUBURGATORY, we’ve gotten to see the Werner marriage take a turn for the worse as new baby Opus did anything but bring Noah and Jill together.  Somewhere along the line, Noah realized his heart belonged to someone else.  After his most recent (and totally epic) play for housekeeper Carmen fell flat, and with the divorce being finalized, Noah’s out on the rebound in tonight’s all new episode, living it up in style at the swankiest hotel in Chatswin.  I spent some time chatting with Alan Tudyk about what it’s like to play Noah, as over the top as he is, and what is coming up tonight (and beyond) for our favorite suburban dentist!

I watch SUBURGATORY and I think, God, Noah must be such a fun character to escape into!
[laughs] He’s a blast!  All of the characters on the show, and what makes Noah fun to play, is that he doesn’t do anything sort of I don’t want to say half-assed, but half-assed.  Whatever he feels, he goes for. They’re characters in the extreme, and it’s fun to play in those extremes.

ALAN TUDYKIt sounds like the next two weeks will be fun ones for Noah – what can you tease for us about what’s coming up in “Brown Trembler?”
He’s just like anybody who just ended a relationship.  He’s trying to find his footing.  He’s just freshly divorced, he’s going through divorce proceedings with Jill.  He puts himself up in a hotel.  He’s reeling from the Carmen rebuke.  He’s on the rebound.  He’s rebounding from really, his rebound [laughs].  He checks into the best hotel in Chatswin and just starts rebounding all over the hotel!

I’ve talked to a lot of the cast members, and we’ve all agreed that these characters are over the top, but they are so grounded in reality, that you root for them.
They have big hearts!

You want Noah to rebound and find what works for him!
I’m with you!  Last episode where he went, put his heart out there, put himself on the line for Carmen with the Mariachi band, and serenaded and wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and gets shot down, what’s the word…not brilliantly, terribly [laughs]. So disastrously, by his therapist, the person that you go to to help you, to care, and share, to find somebody to care about what’s wrong with you, and help you, he hurts him.  You see somebody get knocked around like that; it’s really endearing [laughs].  Somebody who really tried honestly to go for something they love, and have it not work out, I found it touching.  Although, his pain is very funny to me.  And it was supposed to be. He’s reeling, and I think that’s the thing that grounds them.  Their feelings, their heart.

ALAN TUDYK, DEREK WATERSI love the ongoing competition he has with Dallas, and to a lesser degree, with his best friend George – that has to be fun to play that one-ups-man-ship with Cheryl!
It’s fun!  It’s really fun with Dallas because I don’t compete with women like that.  I don’t have anybody in my life that I’m competing with on that kind of level.  With her this season, the competition has been over Carmen, and even though our hearts and how we feel are things you can identify with, our actions, the way we act on those feelings is what is so fun!  Like buying Carmen a car, or when Dallas and I had competing Little League teams, tee-ball teams.  That was a blast.  Getting all worked up.  Treating a tee-ball team like everything was on the line, and not really caring about the children, as just pawns in our overall game.  That’s a great way to compete with somebody.  With George, we’re in each other’s faces more.  As guys, we do that anyway.  It’s fun!  We’re friends, and that’s a fun back and forth.  We have this “Decemberfold” episode coming up where we actually compete in modeling to see who is the sexiest man, and Chris Parnell, and all of the men in Chatswin are competing to be in the calendar, to be the pin up, December, double-fold.  You want to be in that month.  We are actually competing to be sexy [laughs].  It’s so ridiculous and fun.  There was even competition bled over – I’d see Jeremy in the trailer, and would say:

“Wait a second, are you losing weight?” [laughs]
“What are you doing?  Are you juicing?”
“I may have cut out breads!” [laughs]

DEREK WATERS, JEREMY SISTO, CHRIS PARNELL, ALAN TUDYKWe had to be in little hot shorts.  Hot shorts?  I’m putting two words together – hot pants and short-shorts.  I don’t know which one they are, but I would like to not refer to them as hot-shorts!  I was wearing a speedo, which was tailored down.  You think of Speedos, you think “Wow, there is way too much material in there.”  They cut down off the waist, just a skinny little thing.  I guess I had it better than Parnell – his character is basically naked.  He wears a nude thong that they blur out the areas so it looks like he’s naked.  The three of us go head to head to head to see who is the sexiest man.

I laugh more every time I watch the show – what do you say to people who ask why SUBURGATORY is something they should be watching?
I agree – it’s out of the ordinary.  It’s pretty daring, in the lengths it goes.  I love the progression of the season.  I think it’s getting better and better.  There are a lot of shows that come on and make a splash – they’re just vamping. They’re trying to re-capture and od that same thing again and again.  Our show is growing and changing, just like the children in the show are growing and changing.  I think it’s fantastic.  I don’t know why it isn’t a runaway hit, or something, I don’t know what the classification is where you want to be on that level.  It’s a show that were I not in it, I would watch it.  Except I would be annoyed that I wasn’t playing my role.  [laughs]  That would be the only thing that kept me from watching – “I love that show, but I want to play that role.”  It’s crazy.  It’s great.  Mariachi bands?  Come on!

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