Previewing “Eat, Pray, Eat” with SUBURGATORY star Jeremy Sisto

JEREMY SISTOOn an all new SUBURGATORY (tonight at 9:30/8:30c on ABC), George finds himself in hot water with Dallas when he accidentally forgets the birthday present she got him. Worried that she can never compare to his ex, Alex, Dallas goes on a bit of a food-related downward spiral.  To discuss what’s coming up tonight and beyond for this season, and to give us a bit of insight on what it’s like to work with Cheryl Hines every day, I spent some time chatting with Jeremy Sisto (it’s a quick chat as he was doing some fatherly duties on a trip with his adorable daughter, and we had a few “are we there yet” moments throughout the call) – check it out!

It looks like another challenge in George and Dallas’ relationship, with him forgetting the birthday present. What can you tease for us about this episode?
It’s a case of one of the challenges of their relationship.  When dating someone with such vastly different aesthetic than you, neither of you are ever going to be very happy with the birthday gifts.  She gets me a present that she really tried to think about what I would like; she hit the right mark for the kind of thing it is, but the style and the aesthetic of it is so off, it’s funny to him.  The gift that Tessa, his daughter gives him, is something that’s quite personal.  It’s a blueprint from back in a time when he was living with Tessa’s mom and planning a house to live together.  Dallas feels very insecure, once again, is worried about the fact that George won’t ever feel what he felt for Tessa’s mom for her.  It’s ongoing, that insecurity is deepening.  The show has so many different kind of faces.  Sometimes, it’s really goofy and crazy.  Sometimes, it’s really sad and more grounded.  This one is right in the middle.  It leans towards more of the hitting towards the heart of what this relationship is about.

JEREMY SISTO, CHERYL HINESWhat I love about the relationship is that they have these squabbles, and they deal with it, and move on, without treating it like a barrier to the relationship.  How is it playing the back and forth with Cheryl?
It’s so much fun!  She is great.  She is really great at what she plays on the show.  Dallas is a character that, I think, completely in a happy surprise, you wouldn’t expect from her role on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, is actually perfect for her.  In the sense that her mom is actually quite similar to this.  It’s effortless in a way.  But, it’s also a very challenging role.  She has so many ridiculously long, strange lines that she has to deliver quickly with the dryness that only she can bring.  She does something else, which is always fun to watch, where she layers different emotions on the scene.  You’re doing a sitcom, and some of the time, it’s not that layered [laughs].  She really often adds, same with Alan, and Jane, everyone has added these elements from a performance standpoint.  It’s so much fun working.  I think it’s so much fun to work with her every day.  She’s really, really funny.  I was worried – there have been moments during the season where both her and I have said “is this believable” and once again, by the end of the season, it was like “yeah, I get it.” Same thing after the first season.

JEREMY SISTO, CHERYL HINESWhat else can we look forward to this season?
I’m not exactly sure how many episodes are left, so it’s hard for me to say [laughs].  When you’re filming, you’re sort of staying in where you are.  For me, the thing that was the most exciting, was how this relationship with Dallas plays out.  I think it’s interesting – for me, I’m married now; I’m past the point of questioning the relationship and stuff like that, but that’s what happens in the first year of a relationship.  It’s very much “do you like me, do I like you, do you like me” – it’s back and forth and it’s exhausting.  Often times, I’ve been in a couple of long term things that could have gone further, but just didn’t, for, sometimes seemingly arbitrary reasons, but that’s the nature of living with the possibility of breaking up, and how people forget to stay strong.

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  • Nosgoth

    It was interesting to hear all that from Jeremy. So far I’ve enjoyed season 2 of Suburgatory much more than the first, and Eat, Pray, Eat was a great episode. I’m glad I didn’t miss it, especially since finding the time to catch up on shows has been difficult lately. Last night I pulled a couple of hours of overtime at DISH so I was taking the train home when Suburgatory was on. Instances like that are when DISH Anywhere is simply awesome! It lets me stream all of my live TV channels and/or DVR recordings to my phone, so I was able to catch this show on the ride home, which is a great way to pass the time on an otherwise tedious commute.