Monday Must Watch: Syfy Monday Night Premieres!

Tonight, Syfy has a solid block of Monday premieres to check out!

preview_01_135490528851___CC___640x360Rachel Nichols’ series CONTINUUM about a reluctant time traveler from 2077 has been airing on Showcase in Canada since May 2012.  Tonight, it finds a home on Syfy with the premiere at 8/7c, kicking off Syfy’s new Mondays. The story follows Keira Cameron (Nichols), a happily married mother who happens to work as a cop in Vancouver, 2077.  She is accidentally transported back in time, to the year 2012, thanks to a devious plan by a future terrorist group.  She must work in the present to preserve what might be in the future.  The premiere follows her as she is brought back to our time, and meets up with a man responsible for all of her future technology, Alec Sadler.  As the series progresses, we learn a bit more about 2077 and 2012, and the idea that maybe Keira isn’t in 2012 by accident. Rachel Nichols is a charming lead, and Victor Webster isn’t so hard to look at.  Definitely a show worth checking out!

season2_cast___CC___640x480At 9/8c, BEING HUMAN is back for Season 3 after a Season 2 that divided fans.  Too much “Mother” story and not enough fun among the dark other stories are what kept me away, but after watching the first two episodes of the new season, I’m back on board.  Things aren’t going great for anyone in particular, but the shows feels almost light-hearted in a way that’s been missing.  Sam Huntington is fantastic and new series regular Kristen Hager (Josh’s love Nora) is a great addition to the group.  When we get back to Boston, Nora and Josh are looking for Aiden and Sally and while it’s not a spoiler to say that the gang gets back together because that’s ultimately what the show is about, the story paths created as a result of how they come back together promise a fantastic new season!

s02_e0201_10_133460694551___CC___640x360Finishing up the night is the return of LOST GIRL, now in its third season, and continuing to kick all kinds of ass. After a finale that found our gang vanquishing the Garuda and coming to the realization that Bo might go all Dark on us, we start the new season among a crime spree of sorts, and before long, Bo finds herself behind bars.  It seems like this season will be about exploring the darkness inside of us all, and how Bo will handle it when she’s confronted with the need to use it.  Oh, and did we mention steamy love scenes and all the one-liners you can handle?

Are you watching Syfy tonight?  Which is your favorite show?