Sunday Must Watch Part 2: Combination of DEXTER/HOMELAND on Showtime

A lot of the people I’ve talked to about Showtime’s DEXTER seem to share the same opinion about Season 6 – a season which found Dexter and the Miami Metro PD tracking a man and his (imaginary) mentor as they re-enact vignettes from the Bible, including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, featuring body parts from multiple bodies.  It was a season that found us, week after week, threatening to remove it from the DVR and giving up. Cut to the end of the season finale, which found a normally detail-oriented Dexter missing the fact that Deb was going to walk in on his latest kill.  With that final moment of her watching him kill Travis, we knew that we were in for something way different in Season 7.  Tonight at 9/8c on Showtime, we’re all about to find out just what happens after she witnesses the part of his life that Dex never wanted her to see.  Starting right where we left off, the fall out is even bigger than you might imagine, and I can honestly say that in 7 years of the show, I have never seen Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter do better work as this blow is dealt to the brother-sister team.  What they set up in the premiere, not only because of Deb’s newfound knowledge, but because of shady new guest stars like Jason Gedrick and Ray Stevenson, promises that DEXTER is no longer pulling punches, and everyone’s world will never be the same again.

At 10/9c, last season’s amazing surprise, HOMELAND, starts its second season, and after counting down the months, weeks, days, and hours until the premiere, I promise you that it delivers everything it needs to.  Everything has changed in the world for HOMELAND (and not just because of that Emmy for Best Drama, Lead Actress, and Lead Actor, but that helps 😉 ). Brody is firmly ensconced in Congress, following the rule of keeping your friends close, and enemies, like the Vice President, closer.  Family life seems good and Jessica is really loving the power that comes from being a Congressman’s wife.  Carrie, meanwhile, is recovering from her electro-shock ordeal, living an uneventful life as a professor, building a garden at her dad’s house, and pretending that she’s just fine to be away from the CIA world (related: when is she going to remember what she said to not let her forget before her therapy?  About Issa?  WHEN?).  When a former informant comes to the CIA with news of something big, Carrie is inadvertently drawn back into the world she’s trying to leave behind her (against Saul’s wishes, of course).  The first two hours are so tense, exciting, dangerous, scary, emotional, you name it, and after watching them 3 times (featuring AT LEAST two scenes where I sat, hand covering mouth, unable to breathe because of the tension and concern about what was coming), I cannot stop thinking about what happens next.  If you loved season 1, you will worship at the alter of Season 2; if you didn’t watch Season 1, what is wrong with you?  Catch up NOW!