GRIMM: The Good, The Bad, and the “Oh Hai Mom!”

The end of the first season resulted in the most awkward family reunion pretty much ever, with the realization that the curly-haired female ninja turns out to be Nick’s thought-dead mother. Apparently there was a case of mistaken identity, and she’s been alive the entire time. Seeking vengeance. In hiding. To keep Nick safe. Yeah, ok.

Juliette is still in the hospital, slowly losing pieces of her memory. Awesome. That means the fact that Nick came clean with her and told her about the whole Grimm thing is now worthless. Drat.

Hank is not-so-slowly losing his mind. Although, he’s not crazy; he’s just been exposed to some of the Grimm world and is not handling it well at all.

Can I just say “Sasha Roiz in a peacoat: Yowsa!” We’re still learning about Captain Renard’s motives. Our French speakin’ swoon-worthy Captain has yet to make his intentions clear. And while speaking to the dashing Roiz at Comic Con, trying to contain my blush, he was able to delve further (sorta) into his character:

On the success of Grimm so far:
Sasha Roiz: It’s a strange feeling, it’s wonderful.

MToT: More shirtless scenes in Season 2??
SR: There’s a good probability I’ll only be shirtless, sitting in the Captains office, putting suntan lotion on. That’s where we’re headed. (laughter, but no really…that’s just fine by me!!)

Q: They’re bringing in James Frain, what do you think about working with him?
SR: I haven’t worked with him yet actually, I look forward to it. We’ve had some phone scenes (so far), but I think it’s a great choice. There’s a fraternal element in the casting. I look forward to opening up the backstory and the personality and the history of Renard which is really being developed this season. We’re going to see a lot of family members and people from his past, the Old World coming to the New World and it makes for some really great storylines.  There’s going to be a lot of reveals about the family, when my family gets involved, it’s never a good thing. It generally leads to tension and friction; they know I have a Grimm and a Grimm is one of the most powerful characters in this world and they’re going to come after him and they’re going to come after me.

Q: So having the Grimm is a big deal to The Family:
SR: I need him, he’s incredibly valuable. He’s “the key” so to speak to me reestablishing a Royal order in which I’m at the top. I’m just out for myself; as long as the Grimm is a useful X factor I’m going to protect him.

Q: So you could be either good or bad still? Oh no!
SR: He’s getting very powerful, that’s what’s causing all this commotion in the Old World. When you think back to the whole season, for a cop and a good guy he causes a lot of violence and havoc and pain doesn’t he?

Mtot: I was scared, where is he on the fence?? I don’t want him to be a bad guy!
SR: It’s a very violent world that respects power ultimately, you have to send messages.

Mtot: Will you get to utilize your languages more this season, like the French?? (swoons a little)
SR: Oh you like the French?? (Proceeds to dazzle with his language skills and sexy eye-squint. Even saying my name in a French-affected way…I was a giggly mess. What a man!)

Turns out, Momma Grimm had the upbringing of the Winchester boys of Supernatural; training and hunting all before puberty. It goes to the whole “I did it to protect you” schtick she’s touting. This season seems to be a lot more History laden than last season. Nick isn’t just seeing new creatures, going to the trailer or Monroe and learning to defeat said creatures. With Momma Grimm acting as Professor/Watcher/Coach we are going to get a lot more backstory and legend. And I say BRAVO! All last season, it seemed that Nick was succeeding by sheer dumb luck. Making friends and light research were paramount, but with limited sources of Grimm information; it seemed obvious we were going to need someone like Momma Grimm to show up and fill in the blanks.

What do we know after the premiere of Season 2: There’s something called The Dragon’s Tongue. There are 7 royal families. Momma Grimm/Kelly isn’t dead, but her friend is; that’s sad. There’s a new theme and narrative, I coulda done without that, but I understand why they did it. New night = new viewers and sometimes explanation is required.

What did you guys think? Are you looking forward to more from this season? I know I am!


  • $NAPP$

    Season two’s looking good and it’s going to answer a few questions and cliff hangers from season one. I love to watch this primetime show and I’m glad it started the season early. I can’t wait to start watching the season commercial free using the Auto Hop feature. I work in the evening, so I rely on my primetime recordings to stay up with all my favorite shows. I don’t like having to skip all the commercials manually, so this feature does it for me. One of my coworkers at Dish showed me how this feature works and gives me options to skip commercials or not. This sweet feature only works a day after the primetime shows have recorded. Since I no longer have to use my remote as often, this will save battery life.

  • Jason

    I take it you’re not a fan of the Mama Grimm background story?

  • CourtneyK

    Jason – Oh no, it’s fine! I’m mildly annoyed at the “generic” of it. Having her come in to school him, it’s too easy. It lacks…something, for me. Apparently though, she’s still untrustworthy, we’ve yet to see all the layers to Mama Grimm. THAT is good enough for me 🙂

  • Jason

    Do you think she’ll turn out to be a bad guy at some point this season? She’s already lied about the leaving town with the coins. And she had a sly look on her face when looking at them

  • CourtneyK

    Well, she’s been on a mission for Nick’s entire life so I’m fairly certain she’s got a one-track mind. “Nothing but the mission” ya know? So we can assume that she’s shady full stop.
    I’m wondering if she’s actually his mother, we are taking it on faith that she is who she says she is. I could be way off base, but it would make for an interesting theory.