My Take on The Red Carpet: HAPPY ENDINGS at the TV Academy

L to R: Adam Pally, Zachary Knight, Eliza Coupe, Damon Wayans Jr, Casey Wilson, David Caspe, Jonathan Groff

With the announcement that HAPPY ENDINGS would definitely be getting another season (really, was there any real doubt?) the red carpet was rolled out for the cast and executive producers (David Caspe and Jonathan Groff). Eliza Coupe (Jane), Damon Wayans, Jr. (Brad), Zachary Knighton, (Dave), Casey Wilson (Penny) and Adam Pally (Max) were all smiles, jokes and humble thanks. The fellas all donned facial hair of some sort, with Zachary’s being the most jarring for me. (I teased that it needed to go, to which Knighton adamantly rallied for Dave to get a weird moustache in Season 3!)

Straight away, I gotta ask: What’s with the facial hair? Is that an off-season thing?
Zachary Knighton: It’s a Summer Stache, Season of the Moustache! I normally look like this all the time, but they don’t let me keep it for the show.

In the beginning of the series, Dave was butt of the joke, being left at the altar:
ZK: Yeah, we meet Dave at a very turbulent time in his life, he had to go through the whole first year of getting through the relationship stuff and now he is free to pursue his own little version of funny.

while wearing V-necks!
ZK: I rock the V-necks; that’s from my real life! I wear V-necks all day every day, I almost wore one tonight and I wasn’t “prepared to deal” with the V-neck jokes (dripping sarcasm)

What story arc are they going to do for Dave this year?
ZK: I don’t have any idea really! I think it would be funny if Dave became like some crab fisherman, I think I’m going to have them work this moustache in!

While the dashing-yet-creepily-stached Knighton kidded, the lack of clear character intent continued, which may make some fans nervous; but honestly, it makes me feel like the show isn’t going to be weighed down by heavy storylines! The more I heard “Oh I have no idea what they/we are going to do! Do you have any ideas?” the more I thought, “Ok, the writers and cast are literally winging it! That’s awesome!” With no constraints, the funny stuff just naturally comes pouring out.

The dynamic on the show, it’s so good. What’s it like filming? Is there a lot of improv?
Eliza Coupe: A lot of the sexy-coupley stuff, Damon and I just kind of do. He’ll look at me and we’ll just go for it; but sometimes he’ll also tell me “ok, when that happens I’m going to go here” and it gives me a chance to react. It’s just like their Improv storyline, the “yes, and!”

There must be a lot of on-set jokes, is there a lot of downtime?
Damon Wayans, Jr: Oh yes, so much downtime, that’s why we have so much chemistry. We all just have a weird sense of humor. They make me laugh so much!

Without even trying, Max has become so iconic. The way you come at Max, how do approach him as a character:
Adam Pally: I try not to think about him as anything other than a slobby dude who doesn’t really have a direction. And I kind of let everything else be what it is, because if you put too much thought into it, it’s not funny anymore. (laughs)

I’ve heard that Max is going to get some life-changers soon, like maybe a job?
AP: I don’t know if it’s going to be ‘job’ the way human beings usually think of employment? But I’m sure there will be more something that bring in money for Max to survive. I think that he and Brad (Damon Wayans, Jr.) now that he’s out of a job, they’ll be cooking up something!

D.W., Jr.: I really hope they continue it. I’d like to see Brad unemployed and Max unemployed and what they can get into together.

Hey, you guys could dress up and fight crime!
Adam P: it has been talked about! (laughs)

With the new Season comes a new time slot; HAPPY ENDINGS is heading up a new Comedy Block.  Is there any pressure there?
Adam P: You know, I don’t feel any pressure because we’ve always been an underdog show and our fans really feel like they discovered it on their own. I feel like it’ll be the same way now even though we have our own “block”. So yeah, I don’t really feel any pressure.

David Caspe (creator and executive producer): As long as we’re on before 10pm, and in fall, we’re pretty happy! (laugh) It’ s the best job in the world, wherever they want to put us, we’re good to go!

Not feeling pressure? Well that’s good, considering the time is in direct conflict with another certain quirky show on a rival network!

The show has really developed well. The ‘loveable losers of HAPPY ENDINGS with their weird hang-ups and snarky-twisted humor have blossomed. The characters are broad and relatable, the most relatable (for me) being Penny (Casey Wilson).

So you’ve become sort of a figurehead for single women everywhere. Penny’s not afraid to be exactly who she is:
Casey Wilson: That’s quite a beautiful statement! That’s like something my dad would say! It’s all the writers! So many people say “I am Penny!” and it’s a mixed bag to be Penny but I think it’s very sweet. And I think that jaded thing has been portrayed a lot for single girls so I think its fun to be optimistic and I think that’s more how women really are. It’s like “Ok, that didn’t work out. What’s next?” (giggles)

HAPPY ENDINGS success doesn’t come as a surprise to me. The writing, the acting; it’s all top-notch. Now that the network appears to be backing it a little more, I’m optimistic that they will gain even more of a foothold with viewers. I’ll most definitely be watching!