Sandra Bernhard on the GCB finale: “It’s funny, it’s fast, old school!”

Familiar face Sandra Bernhard is popping up on GCB tonight, playing Debby Horowitz, a tough, no nonsense woman who does not want Carlene Cockburn building her Condos for Christian Living on sacred land in Juarez, in what promises to be another great episode to wrap up this funny first season!

I talked to Sandra about what to expect tonight, next season, and where you can find her next!

Let’s jump right in and talk about Debby – tell me as much as you can about this character, without spoiling the finale.  What can we expect from her?
Debby is really like kind of a perfect foil for the girls.  Stops their shenanigans down in Mexico when they come to build the Christian condo project, on sacred native land.  I kidnap the girls, and hold them hostage, until they sign the papers and run off into the night.  It’s really funny, super tongue in cheek, and Kristin Chenoweth really hit it off.  She’s just fabulous.  It’s funny, it’s fast, old school.  The show is so funny and smart.  I love it.  All of our stuff together just moved and grooved.

How did you get involved in the show – was it something you found very smart, so you wanted to get involved?
Bobby Harling, who created the show, was a big fan of mine, and some of the other writers on the show wanted to write something for me, but they thought, she wouldn’t want to do it.  I thought, why wouldn’t I want to do it?  Of course I want to do it!  I definitely want to be back on TV, especially on great comedy.  This was a great opportunity to show another fun character, and another side of myself, so I’m thrilled that they pursued.

The show has done a great job of fleshing out their guest characters – is this a character that we could see more of in Season 2?
It’s funny, because I met with Bobby Harling, after I shot the episode, and he said, I’d love to bring you up to Dallas, and get in another sort of situation with the girls. It definitely is an open ended situation and you could see this character coming back again.  Tormenting the girls, back home. I’m sure they’ll pick it up, and I’m sure that I’ll be back on, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

How is Debby different than other characters that we’ve seen you play and how is she similar?
You know, my character on ROSEANNE was a little bit loopier and more vulnerable. God knows I’ve been on a lot of great shows.  This one is more of a character, she’s tough, she’s a revolutionary.  It’s something that you could see me doing, but I feel like the writing is so sharp that I didn’t have to depend on my own sort of comedic thing.  It was there in a different kind of way, so I’m really happy about that.  You know, the responsibility was off my shoulders.

You mentioned wanting to get back on TV – what kind of role would you love to play, besides a recurring thing for Debby?
I’m kind of open to a lot of different scenarios.  I’d love to be on an ensemble piece.  I’ve actually written a script for me, and another woman, funny lady, where we play two ex comedy partners who come back together again, and we’ve both kind of gone our own direction, and our own ways, and now we’re coming back.  I’m up to do something like that.  I like to work with other people, other funny people that you can bounce off of, and have relationships, and it’s not all on your shoulders; it’s hard to do that.  You need a great supporting team, and I’m also happy to be a part of a supporting team.

I’ve loved you this season on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE! with Andy.  I loved the Sandrology moments!
Thank you, thank you!

How did that come about – were you friendly with Andy?
Yeah, I’ve known Andy for a long time, and he went to five nights a week, and I think he was looking to expand ideas and little bits on his show.  We did 10 episodes, or 10 little appearances. I think that they really gear towards that HOUSEWIFE audience, and it might have been a little edgy and intellectual for them?  I’m going to take that idea, and try to set it up at another network, and do my own half hour.  That’s kind of what we were aiming for, but I think I need another place so I can be a little edgier.

Where can we see you next – I know you did your residence at La Jolla Playhouse, right?
La Jolla happened, but I’m actually on my way to do five nights and maybe longer at the Red Cat in LA from May 3o through June 3, and it might be extended through June 10, so that’s my next gig, and then I’ll be up in Seattle at a great venue called the Triple Door, I think it’s June 21, 22, 23.

GCB’s finale airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC – for more information about the show, head here, to ABC’s site for pictures, episodes, videos, you name it!