CourtneyK and Sasha Pieterse discuss the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Halloween Special!

Don’t expect cartoon dogs or waiting in the pumpkin patch in this episode! This is a PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Halloween, kiddies! I was privileged enough to be able to interview the Evil Queen of Rosewood herself! (Interviewer’s note: normally I’d be open to, “Hear it for yourself!” but I talk really REALLY  fast and the app I used cut off some of the interview (*grumble grumble*) but thankfully it was partially recorded by my Superhero friend Gloria (THANKS GLO!) and her trusty phone, so woo-hoo!)

In the highly anticipated PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Halloween episode, airing tonight at 8/7c on ABC Family, we get to go back…back in time (sorry, got dramatic for a moment) to before our Liars are, well Our Liars! We see a still closeted Emily, a pink haired Aria, a beefed up Hanna, a somewhat desperate and dorky Spencer and the always under control Alison. It’s a chance to learn more firsthand what the relationship between Ali & The Liars was like during a more innocent time: the Fall before her murder, when everyone seems a bit more innocent, with 1 very creepy exception. There’s a reason it’s a special, y’all. While always keeping us guessing, we’re going to find out some pretty interesting stuff! Ok! On to the interview – with a show like PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, there’s nothing they can give away, so Sasha and I chatted Halloween and the friendly pranks that Ashley Benson seems to unleash on our liars!

My first burning question was something along the lines of: Over this last season, we’ve almost seen a glimpse of the fleeting softer side of Alison. How do you feel about Alison being so villainous? Her answer went a little something like this “Yeah, up until now we’ve really seen the mean side of Alison, but with this episode we get to show more of the background as to what happened before…” (see below)

Sasha Pieterse: “..and it’s an outlook of Alison and it’s something that the viewers haven’t’ seen before and it’s also something we haven’t seen before, as a cast.

Oh really!! Oh great! That’s my next question, did you read the book series or did you stay away from them to make sure could portray Alison the way you wanted to.
I read the, I think it was the first 5? And I decided to stop (laughs) and not because I didn’t love them, it’s because I loved them so much! More so that I didn’t want to ruin it, I knew that things different than in the series than in the books and I didn’t want to compromise anything. I love the books, the books are amazing!

Who do YOU think “A” is going to be? Have you had any interesting theories or heard any interesting theories from other people?
I’ve heard PLENTY of theories. (laughs) I do have my own ideas, but I’m not quite sure. We’re kind of kept out of the loop as well. We kind of know what’s going on but we don’t. We’re really excited to get the script every week; it’s like “*GASP!* that’s happening???” It’s kind of shocking for us as well; a lot of us have our own theories. I don’t know, I have a feeling maybe it’s either someone we haven’t seen before – someone we haven’t touched on yet or maybe it’s a bunch of people I know that’s been touched on as well. I just – (pause) I really don’t know!

Yeah, I know just when you start to get a grasp on who you might think it is they turn it around and it’s like “oh MAN, there goes THAT theory right out the window” (laughs)
(laughs) Well exactly yeah!

On the set do you guys pull any friendly pranks on each other? With the Halloween episode coming up, pranks are kind of looped right in with Halloween. Is there anything that you guys do?
Well I mean, I would say that what’s funny about it, with the Halloween episode I don’t think we really pulled any pranks! It was a really busy week and we all had so much to do but BUT Ashley Benson is our prankster on set! She does this game and we’ve kind of all joined in with her as well; we have all these clothes tags and especially our camera guys, she’ll put them on the backs of their clothes and we keep adding them until they notice that there’s this tail behind them and it’s really funny because they’re walking around with this long thing dragging behind them. And no one knows! It’s really funny!

(laughs) That’s awesome! So are you a person that likes to be scared or do you sort of cringe at the thought of scary movies?
I’m kind of in-between! I like thrillers, it depends! There are horrors that I don’t like, I’m kind of in-between because I do like it and then there’s some that I don’t like!

I’m right there with you! There are some shows that you definitely have to watch with the all lights in the house ON and not by yourself.

Did you have ever have any favorite costumes from childhood or anything that you every really wanted to wear for Halloween?
My Mom and my Grandma sew like crazy, they’re seamstresses and so my Mom always made my Halloween costumes. I remember that I was a bride one year (laughs) I was like 6 or 7 and she made me this big wedding dress, literally made the bouquet and everything like that and we have tons of pictures from that. It was really extravagant. It was really cute!

That’s amazing!! So are you a candy giver or a healthy snack/toothbrush giver for Halloween?
(laughs) WELL I think, I’m going to be in between; we just moved into a new neighborhood and there’s tons of little kids around so I think it’s going to be like healthy fruit snacks or something, I know it’s terrible we’re going to be the worst house on the street (laughs).

No, I’m sure the parents would prefer that!
I know that some people give out terrible things, like scary things on Halloween but I would never do that!

Yeah, you can’t give away gross things; that’s just not ok!
No it’s not ok! (laugh)

Does your family have any Halloween traditions?
We’re not from the US, though we’ve been here for a long time, we’re from South Africa so it’s still kind of new for us. We don’t really have any traditions but I like carving pumpkins, I do weird things…we like to carve pumpkins there’s this Ranch right by us and there’s always pumpkins, we get these weird and crazy squash and write funny things on them!


So there you have it! Hunker down with a buddy, grab some snacks (healthy or not, I leave that to you!) and get ready to watch the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Halloween episode on ABCFamily.  And for more information on PLL and the 13 nights of Halloween on ABC Family, head to!