My Take Too: UP ALL NIGHT is what Courtney K has been waiting for

This. This show is the show I’ve been waiting for.

Everything I’ve ever seen about parenting on television has been eradicated.

The saga of Reagan and Chris Brinkley (Christina Applegate and Will Arnett respectively) and their brand new bouncing baby girl (who is so cute you may go into seizures) is a tale that has never been told before. With realistic and sarcastic humor!

There’s no denying the comic chops of Will Arnett, but this role seems to be the perfect fit. Stay-at-home-Dad Arnett is easily confused with daunting tasks such as grocery shopping and laundry. While working Mom, Christina Applegate has her hands full with an over the top boss played by Maya Rudolph. To be honest, Maya Rudolph is the entire reason I was initially excited about this show. Much to my surprise, she is not the driving force behind the funny!

The show jumps right into the humor, skipping the preggo part and blasting straight ahead to when the baby is about 4 months old and shows how the characters adjust to the fact that their life is completely different.

While the boss is funny and the baby is funny and the supporting characters are funny; what’s really funny are the moments between Applegate and Arnett where they seem like real parents. Sleep deprived to the point of breaking, we get to see them turn a simple bicker into a full blown shrieking match which had me laughing so hard I had to rewind several times. It’s those moments that make me feel like that’s what really happens when a baby comes! The soft, squishy, feeling moments are great and are absolutely real between real life families, but c’mon, nobody and I mean NOBODY is sublimely perfect. This show makes it seem a bit more okay to accidently swear in front of your baby.

What I’m looking forward to the most is the reactions to UP ALL NIGHT from the members of my peer group who have children. I want to know if they are laughing or shaking their heads in shame, OR BOTH!

Bottom Line: Highly recommend you stay awake for or DVR UP ALL NIGHT, at the very least you’re going to have to rewind for when you throw your head back and belly laugh. I don’t recommend drinking any liquids during the show, wait until the commercial break. Trust me.

Amrie had a slightly different take.  Watch the special premiere tonight at 10/9c on NBC, and tell us: what’s yours?





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  • bob

    I just saw 10 minutes of this and had to switch channel. This won’ t last more than one season. Just stupid writing n story. Sure its about babies but it’s too childish writing. Parks and recreation rocks this year for sure!!

  • CourtneyK

    Well Bob, it’s possible that the pilot I saw and the pilot televised were two different things (something I didn’t really know beforehand) so you may be right and it may have been stupid. Only time will tell if the network yanks it off the air, thank you so much for your input!

  • CourtneyK.

    …I feel like I owe everyone who read this recommendation and have been watching Up All Night.
    I take it back, I take it ALL back. The pilot I saw and the pilot that was aired were different and the episodes since have been worse and worse each time.
    I love the actors, I just don’t understand what went so horribly wrong with this show. Some people may still like it, I absolutely did not and promptly removed it from the DVR. I’m sorry, I really tried.