How does the combination of Will Arnett (easily one of my favorites), Christina Applegate (SAMANTHA WHO? was underrated), and Maya Rudolph manage to bum me out?  It seems impossible.   And yet….there’s UP ALL NIGHT.

The pilot of the show follows Reagan and Chris Brinkley, new parents to the adorable Amy, as they prepare for Reagan’s re-entry into the working world. Two versions of the pilot made their way around the critic blogosphere and if I was on the fence about the first one, which had Ava and Reagan working at a PR firm where the funny came from them trying to get a young hip client, I am decidedly in the negative neighbor’s yard about the second pilot, which plants them at a talk show.  Maya Rudolph does her best to play Oprah with an annoyingly dull assistant, and Reagan is, I’m not sure what, exactly.  Where the time at work in the original pilot felt snappy, sharp, and organic, the new setting (designed to give Maya Rudolph more to do) felt sloppy.

I’m not 100% negative on the show.  It’s fine.  Perfectly fine, in my opinion.  Yes, Will Arnett is funny.  His time along playing video games and talking to his new surfing friend are some of the highlights of the pilot, along with his disastrous trip to the grocery store.  Yet, all in all, the half hour felt slapped together, and unfocused.  Will I be watching a second episode?  Sure I will (because I’m even giving shows like CHARLIE’S ANGELS a second look) but I can’t guarantee I’m going to be interested beyond that.

Courtney K loved it.  Check out UP ALL NIGHT tonight on NBC and let us know what you thought?  Negative or positive side of the fence for you?



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  • Tobi

    Believe it or not, Amrie, I agree with you. While some parts were hysterical, this show was a real disappointment. Where are the writers for “Two and a Half Men” when it comes to Christina Applegate? She is terrific — but she is given such trash in which to work! There are so many funny instances that occur naturally when a couple has a baby, that sly, sarcastic, and eye-winking humor would far better portray than the manic, rushed, slapstick stuff written for this show. And, puhleaze — the boss/work environment isn’t necessary — and Maya Rudolph is HORRIBLE!