A quick chat with Nathan Fillion about CASTLE

One of those shows that I could sit and watch for hours of fun is CASTLE, starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic.  It’s one of the first shows I catch up on during the week, without doubt.  I had a chance to chat this week with Nathan Fillion about what’s coming up tonight, and what he’s loving about how Richard Castle has changed over the seasons.

On tonight’s all new episode, a young mathematician is shot with a 200-year-old bullet, inspiring wild theories by Castle about a time-traveling murderer.  Check out the interview and let me know – are you watching tonight’s all new episode of CASTLE?


  • The_Games_Afoot

    LAWD I adore him! He’s so charming!!
    I can’t wait for the Steam Punk episode!

  • Kcat10

    Nathan, you are so charming and captivating in every interview. It’s like listening to the world’s greatest true story teller. I could sit at your feet and listen to you for hours on end. You are so handsome, your voice is so soothing, you are so smart, and you are just being so comfortably you.

    Thank you for how hard you work, and for every sacrifice you make, to bring us Castle, the greatest show on television after Firefly! It can’t be easy to have to work even if you might have a cold or if you might feel exhausted, because so many people depend on you, but you do it. And you do it with such a positive mindset. I deeply admire you for your incredible work ethic, and your true determination to give the world your best, all the time.

    It is the prayer of my heart to see you accomplish everything you want in your career. I feel you are the next big A-list movie star, and I’m doing everything in my power to support you in everything you do, and in everything you want to do.

    God bless you, Nathan.