My Take On….THE MIDDLE S2!

Oh how I love this show.  If I’m being perfect honest with you, there are weeks when I think that the Hecks of THE MIDDLE are funnier than the Pritchett clan on MODERN FAMILY.  You can start throwing all the stones you want, but Axel, Sue, and Brick are consistently hysterically funny, and the frazzled life of Frankie and Mike is as relateable as it gets.

The new season starts tonight on ABC, and it’s one of the funniest episodes the show has put together.  In an effort to get on track now that a new school year is beginning, Frankie goes a little crazy, and in the meantime, drives her kids a little mad.  A new backpack and an incredible chore for Brick, a new internal body clock for Axel and a sweatshirt that damn near kills Sue are a welcome reminder of what I’ve been missing over the summer.  That’s not to mention the best line that Axel has ever muttered, and my favorite Brick whisper-talk to date!

Added bonus – Doris Roberts guest stars as Brick’s new teacher and she and Frankie have a great back and forth that results in some special and not so special treatment for our boy.

This is a must watch – please tune in tonight at 8/7c on ABC!