My Take on…GLEE’s S2 premiere

When GLEE left us in the spring, a baby was born, a new relationship was solidified, and Shelby left town with her second chance baby named Beth.  New Directions was dealt an almost deadly blow in the form of a third place finish at Regionals.  Thanks to some quick thinking and a little show of heart from Sue Sylvester, the gang got to stay together and there was much rejoicing.

When S2 starts, it’s a new school year.  Gone are some familiar faces, and in are some (unnecessary but not troublesome) new faces that promise to make life for our Gleeks a little bit more difficult.  I don’t love Charice like everyone else seems to, but I can’t argue the fact that she has an amazing voice.  Chord Overstreet is adorable!  Scheuster and his curly mop of gel is getting along with Sue, and together they have a new victim for their MEAN GIRLS mentality.  Back is the strong-Quinn we missed, and Santana’s got a new set of something in her shirt.  And all I kept thinking as I watched was Poor Artie.

On the whole, I was a little let down by the premiere because I was expecting something amazing and instead it delivered a solid if predictable episode.  Aside from an awesome teaser that addresses some really important points, the show didn’t pack the punch that a premiere should.  I’m still excited for the season, and I hope it continues to be a fun way to pass my time!