My Take On….CASTLE’s S3 premiere

We left season 2 of CASTLE with our hero and heroine Beckett finally facing up to the fact that there is more between them than a partnership of the professional persuasion.  What we saw happen, instead of an impromptu make out session,was Castle intentionally finding the comfort of another lady, in a chivalric way, to give Beckett the space that she realized she no longer wanted, as she broke up with her lovely boyfriend (miss you already Michael Trucco) to chase Castle to the Hamptons.  Still with me?  They agreed to spend the summer apart, and that Castle would call when it was the Fall.

When Season 3 picks up, it is the Fall and Beckett does her best to act unscathed by the fact that he hasn’t yet called in to start back right where they left off.  When the team is called to a crime scene, and they find Castle standing over the body, holding the gun, they all need to work out their issues in order to move forward and leave the past behind.

CASTLE continues to be a perfectly charming book end to the fun that is CHUCK on a night otherwise filled with heavy drama.  Nathan Fillion is as charming as ever, as he tries to figure out how to handle his current relationship while dealing with the fact that Beckett isn’t exactly thrilled to see him.  From talking with the cast and creators at Comic Con, I think that the show is on its way to the strongest season yet, as the supporting cast gets some meaty storylines to sink their teeth into, and we continue to explore the will-they-won’t-they-when-is-it-time of the saga that is Castle and Beckett.

CASTLE premieres tonight on ABC after the first performance episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS new season!