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FARGO’s Olivia Sandoval on Winnie & Gloria, mid-western nice, and an exciting S3 finale

Navigating the “mid-western nice” of FARGO was new territory for Olivia Sandoval, the newcomer who has given life and incredible depth to beat-cop Winnie Lopez over the course of this stellar third season. As the show narrowed in on figuring out the mystery that was front and center, it has given audiences an authentic female friendship that is worth rooting for in Sandoval’s Lopez and Carrie Coon’s phenomenal Gloria Burgle. In a call to preview the finale, Sandoval told me

First Look: Full Length FARGO Season 2 Trailer

Plain and simple, I am so pumped for S2 of FARGO.  My favorite new series from 2014 returns in October with a prequel of sorts, telling the stories of crime Lou Solverson had to deal with in the 70s.  Here, instead of Keith Carradine in “young makeup,” Lou is played by Patrick Wilson, who leads a cast that is BEYOND – Jesse Plemons, Nick Offerman, Ted Danson, Rory Culkin, Jeffrey Donovan, Kirsten Dunst, Jean Smart, Brad Garrett, the list goes

Reflecting on a great year with BETTER CALL SAUL’s Julie Ann Emery

I’ve been a fan of Julie Ann Emery for a long time, going back to one of my favorite one-season-wonders, LINE OF FIRE, on ABC. 2014/15 has been a big season for the former FBI Agent Jennifer Sampson, as she has found herself with great roles in FARGO (my favorite show from 2014) and this year’s phenomenal BETTER CALL SAUL. Julie Ann and I spent some time talking about building character, whether we’ll see Betsy Kettleman again, how she brought

My Take On….FARGO on FX

A nice-guy salesman, a frozen tundra of a setting, “You-Betcha” accents as far as the ears can hear, and some shady dealings in murder and deception – uff da, we’re back in FARGO! This time around it’s a slick TV drama set in a small town, premiering on FX at 10/9c.  While the show shares a title, and some of the classic FARGO-verse charm and quirk, with the 1996 movie of the same name (from the Coen brothers who serve