Quick Take: VALOR on The CW

I applaud The CW for doing what they can to step out of their comfort zone with VALOR, which premieres tonight at 9/8c after SUPERGIRL.

VALOR is show about a bad-ass fighter pilot who happens to be a woman (Nora Madani, played with no emotion by Christina Ochoa), who covered up something bad on her most recent mission involving fellow returnee Leland Gallo (CW-casting-director-fave Matt Barr) and their missing colleague.  The show wants to have it all: mystery, danger, clandestine meetings, sex, romance, scandal, a general sense of “we have to go back to fix our mistakes that led us to make the bad decision to cover it up in the heat of ‘battle’,” etc; the problem is that in their reach for the stars, they fell very short of the target. In the land of military pilots hitting the broadcast networks this fall, VALOR sits comfortably at the bottom.