Quick Take: Skip 9JKL on CBS

What do Marc Feuerstein, Linda Lavin, Elliott Gould, Liza Lapira, Albert Tsai, Matt Murray, and LOML* David Walton have in common?  Together, they’re staring in the most disappointing comedy of the Fall!

On 9JKL, based on Feuerstein’s real life, he plays Josh Roberts, a successful TV star who temporarily relocates to the apartment next to his parents, while he looks for permanent housing and love. On the other side of his parents live Josh’s brother and his wife, who are waiting for their town-home renovation to be completed.

The show is so full of bad jokes and canned laughter that I think I permanently strained my eye muscles from rolling them too hard. Cue the cliched-over-bearing mother, the clueless-maybe-senile father, the grand-standing brother, the overworked daughter-in-law who isn’t “raising the baby right” according to the over-bearing-mother, the zany mishaps that come from bribing the front desk to alert someone to “Joshie”‘s arrival.

It’s all too much. And it’s simply not funny. With a cast as good as this cast is (and I can honestly say that I enjoy every person in the cast in any other role they’ve created, perhaps SEAN SAVES THE WORLD (Lavin) and MULANEY (Gould) excluded), the show should be 1,000 times better than it is.

Sorry, David Walton, I think this one might be another one-and-done.

*LOML = love of my life, duh