Quick Take: THE BRAVE on NBC

THE BRAVE on NBC follows a team of, yep, you guessed it, brave folks abroad and at home who are fighting for the safety of our citizens at home and abroad.  Mike Vogel is charming enough; Anne Heche is good, if a bit miscast (I prefer the zany SAVE ME Anne Heche to the tough head of a covert government special ops team).  There is a history between the characters; we’re brought into their lives on a typical day involving a typical mission and there is an interesting twist at the end.  Throw in some “new character replaces dead-before-we-met-the-team-member” drama, some “past mistakes haunt the mission” antics, and personal tragedies experienced just before the show began.

Among the military dramas premiering this Fall, it’s a solid middle of the road, and if you’re into this kind of thing, could be an exciting adventure week after week. I’ll check back in now and then, but it hasn’t quite earned a series recording from me just yet!