After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “I Walk Away”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "I Walk Away" Episode 403 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Steve McQueen as Jimmy -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “I Walk Away” Episode 403 — Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Steve McQueen as Jimmy — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: I Walk Away

Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

Remember last week?
The house learned that they were once again under investigation for the way they handled (through no fault of their own) the fire that killed someone at the “crack house” in “Let It Burn.”

What happened this week?
The drama continues for Firehouse 51 as headquarters continues to question their actions about the house fire. No one is willing to give a testimony so the fault begins to fall onto Chief Boden.

Candidate Borrelli is still going through training and the house gets called back to the scene of their headquarter problems. Except this situation involves a man with his leg trapped under a storage pod. Chicago Med is called to the scene; the crushed leg will have to stay behind if he wants to survive. The writers are doing an excellent job to subtly introduce and incorporate the different characters from the other Chicago shows. Detective Halstead’s brother, Will, is the surgeon called in to operate on the victim.

Meanwhile, Gabby is still trying to adjust to her new job as an arson investigator and Sylvie is still struggling to let go of the baby she helped deliver as his mother died. Dr. Charles offers to give her information on the side to help ease her worries.

The wife of the storage pod victim comes to the firehouse with a cell phone video proving 51 did everything they could to put out the fire. Gabby keeps digging into the arson case plaguing the firehouse. She has a theory that a professional may have been sent to take care of the house. She finds a property developer who happened to buy a few homes under similar circumstances. However, her boss wants to re-examine the cases and build up more evidence, but Gabby wants results now.

After a hard talk with Dr. Charles, Sylvie realizes she needs to walk away from her patients. Not without one last effort; she finds the father to tell him about his amazing baby son that is unnamed and unclaimed by any family. By the end of the episode, father and son are together and Sylvie finds the closure she needed.

51 receives a call about a stuck elevator with a young girl having an asthma attack. The elevator is in-between floors and has a broken cable, the team struggles to find a solution to free the family. They make the risky decision to walk the family from the side of the elevator, thirty feet from the bottom floor. This was a difficult scene to watch, heights are not my strong suit, even if I am just a spectator. The family is able to make it across, and Candidate Borrelli sees what it takes to be a successful firefighter.

At the end of the episode Chief Boden made a public statement against Roger Maddox, the property developer; making claims of arson. The story made the nightly news where Kelly saw his friend Jamie standing with Maddox as his attorney. Kelly had divulged information to her, and now she has betrayed his trust.  Gabby and Boden go to the arson office to find the files against Maddox; but the files have all been deleted or taken. Frustrated and confused, Gabby folds over clutching her stomach. Boden calls Matt to come to the scene.

Ready for next week?
Gabby is taken to Chicago Med where it remains unclear if she or her baby will make it out of the emergency room. Stay tuned for more After Takes each week!