Hawaii Blesses First Day of Filming Season Six of HAWAII FIVE-0

hawaiifive0seasonsix2Cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0 gathered once again on Wednesday, July 8, for the traditional Hawaiian blessing ceremony heralding the first shoot of Season Six of the popular series.

With Koko Head Crater in plain sight, “Hawaii News Now” reporter Billy V. had a bit of fun trying in vain to keep the “undisclosed location” of the event a secret.

An Early Start

The blessing was given by Kahu Kordell Kekoa who has appeared in the series as kahu of Chin Ho and Malia’s wedding.

Those greeting one another at Koko Head Community Park just prior to filming at 6:30 A.M. Honolulu time included Dennis Chun, Ian Anthony Dale, Co-Executive Producer Jeff Downer, Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim, Executive Producer Peter Lenkov, Alex O’Loughlin, Chi McBride, Grace Park, Christopher Sean and Co-Executive Producer/Director Bryan Spicer.  One unofficial cast member was present – O’Loughlin’s canine companion Dusty.  Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell, who revealed that his favorite character of the series is Hawaii itself, was also in attendance.  He praised the cast for being committed to supporting the Island and for continued service to the community.


A Glimpse into Season Six

Following the blessing, Dale and Park disappeared to shoot the season’s first scenes in one of the series’ recurring sites in a Portlock home in Hawaii Kai.

Speaking with Billy V., series lead O’Loughlin (Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett) confessed, “There’s a comfortability and an ease now (with the sixth season).”

When “Star Advertiser” reporter Mike Gordon inquired about what the cast and crew are looking forward to in Season Six, Lenkov teased, “We keep finding new locations that we haven’t used before.  I think that’s fun – for us and the audience also.  I’m looking forward to just exploring the characters, see where they go.  We left a lot of strings last season, and I think we’re going to be tying some of those up.  And I think we’re going to start some new character arcs that I think are very exciting.”  O’Loughlin added, “I’m always looking forward to seeing what the writers come up with.  I like it when the story shifts, and they throw me a couple of left ones, giving me something to deal with creatively.”

Responsibility to Others

O’Loughlin revealed to “Hawaii News Now” that his favorite part of being with the series is the community service he’s able to do.  He said, “It’s our responsibility – anybody who’s in a job that pays well and where you get a bit of exposure in the public eye – it’s our responsibility to use that to do things for other people.  I get a lot of joy from that.”  One of O’Loughlin’s projects for the last couple of years has been teaching women’s self-defense classes with former mixed martial arts champion Egan Inoue to raise money for the Kapioloni Medical Center for Women and Children.

Not wanting to think about what he might do when the series ends, O’Loughlin is content to put those prospects on the back burner, saying, “I’m very grateful, very glad” (to be a part of the series right now).


Sunset on the Beach

There was no word at press time on whether or not there would be a Sunset on the Beach this year, though inside sources say it’s going to happen.  Lenkov merely mentioned that he is in talks about the possibility and hinted that there would be an announcement soon.

Hawaii Five-0 premieres Season Six on September 25 at 9 P.M. on CBS, and I’ve been told to look out for some “amazing stunts.”  The network has ordered 25 episodes for the new season.