Looking for something different? Try RightThisMinute!

rtm1We typically cover dramas and comedies, and all of the genres in between, here on MyTakeonTV, but this week, I put together a plan to spend some time getting to know the the folks at RightThisMinute, a syndicated Viral Videos show that has a group of hosts watching, discussing, and breaking down the hottest viral videos of the week.

What is RightThisMinute? The episodes run about an hour long, and air throughout the country on various stations (you can find your local one here), but you can always watch the daily shows, fittingly for a video show, right online (today’s episode is here)!  The shows follow a typical format – the hosts all sit at their computers, picking viral videos they’ve found or wanted to talk about, and sharing them with their friends / cohosts, much like you would with coworkers through email chains about any other topic than work, am I right?

Why watch RightThisMinute? What I really liked as I was watching was that they genuinely seem interested in the likely-YouTube-rabbit-holes they all fall down into, and they all are interested in discussing each others’ finds.  Today, they cover the guy with the moth in his ear (which, gross) as well as some surveillance cameras and what they found (hint: theft while shopping, possible fatal injury, and a missing lawn ornament).  Good cohost chemistry and an easygoing feel – worth a view!

Give it a chance when you need something fun to get your mind off your day – fall down the RightThisMinute rabbit-hole with the gang, and expect to learn more about them over the next few weeks!