104758_d1212b2Kevin Williamson has been known to put his women characters in peril, and his latest show, STALKER, which begins tonight on CBS (10/9c), is no different.  Within the opening minutes, someone is lit on fire at the hands of, you guessed it, a stalker!  The case then heads over to the Threat Assessment Unit of the LAPD where we meet no-nonsense head of the unit, Lt Beth Davis (Maggie Q, who deserves better), as she greets her staff and newest transfer Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott, who, like Tim Daly, gets better with age).  It doesn’t go well; see, he’s from NYC, and right away, he and Beth butt heads.

The show then follows one too many cases of stalking (telling us in the opening VO that 6 million people in US are victims each year), from guys stalking guys, to men stalking women, to a crazy scene at a gym where the team manages to save the day (they really should have focused on maybe one less stalking).  I don’t have the intense dislike for it that others have been noted to have, and I will be watching a second episode to give it a chance.

Overall, so far it’s a generic procedural that might be best watched during the day, with the curtains open, the lights on, and a clear exit strategy for when you become convinced someone is watching you, too!