Quick Take: BROOKLYN NINE-NINE returns!

201B99_scn42_012_hires2BROOKLYN NINE-NINE returns tonight to FOX with their Season 2 premiere at 8:30/7:30c and it’s definitely been worth the long wait since May!

When we left the 99, Jake had decided to go undercover, confessing his feelings for Amy along the way. Meanwhile, Gina and Charles found themselves in bed together after a wild night.  When season 2 picks up some time later, Jake is back, Gina and Charles are still reeling, and Terry, Amy, and Diaz are being put through Holt’s training ringer, in an effort to make sure the precinct can handle anything that comes their way.

On the first viewing of the pilot, I wrote this show off.  I went back, gave it a second look, and without warning, it became my favorite new series of the year!  It is hilarious, fast paced, well-written, over-the-top, and under-stated all at the same time.  If you watched before, you’ll love the return; if you’ve never watched, no time like the present!