Courtney K gets you ready for the RESURRECTION season 2 premiere

MICHELLE FAIRLEY, KURTWOOD SMITH, FRANCES FISHER, LANDON GIMENEZThe weirdness that was Resurrection returns and much like its freshman season, the season 2 premiere episode starts with somebody waking up in field. Again.

This time it’s Marty (Omar Epps). Last time we saw him, he was trying to get child Jacob out of town when the big bad Army swooped in with helicopters and LOTS of fire power and then the screen went to black! DRAT!

Government involvement, interrogation rooms, injections – dunh dunh DUUUNH! Are we finally going to get some sort of answer to the question “What the f*ck is happening in this town??”


The addition of new cast member Michelle Fairley, (of Game of Thrones fame) who is no stranger to intriguing storylines, proves to further saturate the town of Arcadia with long lost (read: Dead) relatives, playing the mother of Sheriff Langston (Matt Craven) and Henry Langston (Kurtwood Smith) whose son Jacob was among the first “Returned Deceased”. Since Sheriff Langston was the one who called the army into town causing a major ruckus and resulting in at least some of the Returned Deceased to be shuffled away to Nobody Knows Where; it’s safe to assume that the family reunion will be awkward at best.

Dizzy yet? Yeah, just hold on. Resurrection promises another whirlwind episode with little jewels of surprises dropping at every turn during Season 2. Airing Sunday nights at 9/8c on ABC, will you be watching?