I don’t dislike RED BAND SOCIETY.  Not fully.  I liked Octavia Spencer very much.  And Dave Annable is great and beautiful with that salt-and-pepper hair going on.  And I really like everything regarding Thomas Ian Nicholas and Wilson Cruz and Griffin Dunne.  Are you sensing a theme yet?  Because therein lies the problem – I should like at least something related to the kids in the show that make up 60-70% of the cast and story.  But I didn’t.  Nothing felt memorable, where everything else felt too treacly and saccharine for my tastes.  I’ll give it a second episode to see if they can shake off all the pilot-problems, but I’m doing so with hesitation.

In short: Not a 100% “skip this” but more like a 50% “watch with caution.”

Check out some pretty gallery images from the show while deciding whether to set the DVR:

RED BAND SOCIETY: Brian Bradley as Dash. CR: Alex Martinez / FOX.

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RED BAND SOCIETY: Brian Bradley as Dash. RED BAND SOCIETY will air Wednesdays (9:00 - 10:00 ET/ PT) this fall on FOX. © Copyright 2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Alex Martinez / FOX.