My Take On….THE LEAGUE Season 6 Premiere on FXX


In addition to fewer bugs and somewhat cooler weather, the change from Summer to Autumn brings with it three(*) guarantees:

  • The NFL is back in business
  • Fantasy Football is in full swing
  • THE LEAGUE (Season 6 premieres at 10/9c tonight on FXX) is bringing you a fun group of friends that might hate each other a little bit, who compete for the Shiva, try to avoid the Sacko, and let their own FFL league run their lives.

In tonight’s all new episode, “Sitting Shiva,” a face familiar to the show is struck down and the gang takes the opportunity to honor the death with, what else, a little Draft Day extravaganza.  Meanwhile, Pete and Ruxin can’t understand why Andre is suddenly the smoothest guy in the bunch, Kevin struggles with his Sacko-nightmares, and Taco finds a new way to make golf exciting.

What I love about THE LEAGUE is that it’s a show about a Fantasy Football league and what all is involved, but you don’t really have to know a thing about football to watch them go through their daily antics, all the while trying to one up their best friends and family members (I always enjoy how Kevin and Jenny have a great marriage that can handle even a little Sacko-shaming), while also making viewers laugh at both the absurdity and reality of life. The cast continues to be some of the funniest on TV, and within this first episode of Season 6 alone, I had a different favorite character every 5 minutes (though honestly, no one tops Taco).  Add in the most amazing dance performance I’ve seen in a while, another fantastic guest spot for JJ Watt, and a classic “Who’s on First?” type situation with (my team’s starting Tight End) Jordan Cameron and the Saints’ Defensive End Cameron Jordan, and you’re set up for what I’m sure will be another genius season that flies by too fast.

If you haven’t ever watched, start tonight.  If you’re a fan, keep watching for more of what you love.  And be sure to check out the soundtrack for the show, featuring basically any song Taco (Jon LaJoie) has done on the show (Yobagoya!!) – find it on iTunes!

Check out the promo pics for the season!

THE LEAGUE -- Pictured: Jon Lajoie as Taco -- CR: Matthais Clamer/FXX

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THE LEAGUE -- Pictured: Jon Lajoie as Taco -- CR: Matthais Clamer/FXX

*Obviously, there are more than three, but for the purposes of my argument, these are the only three that matter!