Sam Huntington talks BEING HUMAN and what else he’s up to!

Being Human - Season 4“I’ve been delighted to portray such a dynamic guy,” Sam Huntington said as we began to talk about Being Human’s Season Four.  He added, “I’d just like him to fully accept that his condition is not the end of the world.  It’s just once a month (that he turns into a werewolf).  He should just build an awesome cage in his basement.  He’s a smart guy.  Why he hasn’t done that already, I don’t know.  It’s a no-brainer.  Just go downstairs and don’t leave the house that day.”

A Lot of Character

Huntington stars as sometime-werewolf Josh Levison on theSyfy hit series, and he’s seen his character make some significant strides over the last few years.  Huntington said, “I think Josh has had a tremendous amount of growth.  At the beginning of the series, he was a really nervous man.  Then, he began learning to accept who he is and to understand it.  Throughout that, he’s had emotional ups and downs with his relationships, both romantic and friendships.  As far as changing for the better, I think he is a better friend.  I think he’s a more steadfast, trustworthy friend.  Now, as far as this ‘murder’ thing now on the show, he’s definitely changing for the worse.”

Huntington confessed Josh has been keeping him on his toes this season.  “The writers really wrote Josh, on purpose, all over the place.  He’s a total basket case, almost manic.  He never really knows where he is, and that’s kind of a challenge.  You have to remember, the guy’s just trying to be his old self or be somebody he’s not.  He’s not all there.  There’s a physical challenge to playing the part.  It’s a very emotional job, and it’s exhausting.”

Being Human - Season 4Huntington did tease just a bit about what’s upcoming for Josh.  “I can tell you,” he said, “it gets a lot worse before it gets better.”

Veronica Mars

Kristen Bell remains a good friend since his Veronica Mars days, though he was only in a couple of episodes.  These days, he’s appearing once again in the film version of the series (opening in theaters in March, 2014).  “All these people are friends of mine,” said Huntington.  “I was only in the series for a couple of episodes, so I was delighted to be invited back.  It was really nice to go back and work with everyone and play around and be goofy.”  With roles in Superman Returns and Fanboy, Huntington’s career has been impressive

“You know, every experience you have becomes a fabric of who you are.  It’s like life.  I definitely feel like I’ve learned so much in the last four years doing Being Human.  I feel like I’m a better actor and a better person for having done it.  I know there are experiences I’ll take from this job on to my next job.

Desire to Do It All

“I’ve been really lucky the past four years to do this role of Josh, who’s a combination of a little bit of everything.  He’s funny, he’s dangerous, he’s conflicted.  And, as an actor, all that being said, I’m not gonna say I want to do drama or I want to do comedy.  I want to do it all.  I want to constantly challenge myself.  I’ve been lucky to have had some great jobs.”

Huntington’s other projects include a film called Three Night Stand, currently making its way through the film festivals (most recently the Slamdance Film Festival in Utah) and across the country.  “It’s a really great little movie that I’m really proud of.  Meaghan Rath (Being Human) plays my wife in the film.  Pat Kiely (also from Being Human) wrote, produced, and directed the film.  I was just an actor for hire, which was wonderful.  I felt like I was in very capable hands.  It’s a romantic comedy, very natural, very honest, really interesting.  It gives you an uncomfortable look at relationships.”

While you’re waiting to see Huntington in Three Night Stand, catch Huntington on Being Human Monday nights at at 9/8c on Syfy.

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