Double Take: In which Amrie and CourtneyK disagree about BETRAYAL

JAMES CROMWELL, HENRY THOMAS, WENDY MONIZ, ELIZABETH MCLAUGHLIN, BRAEDEN LEMASTERS, STUART TOWNSEND, HANNAH WARE, CHRIS JOHNSONThe Double Takes are back this season as Amrie and I offer up our opinions of some new fall shows without knowing what the other is thinking. In most cases this season, it seems we tend to disagree ha!  Today’s DT is about ABC’s BETRAYAL (premiering tonight at 10/9c), starring Stuart Townsend, Hannah Ware, ET’s Elliot (Henry Thomas), and James Cromwell.


First Impression: Hate the concept

What happens when unhappy people are too self-centered and short sighted to look outside themselves and their marriages? They cheat. *yawn* (Sorry, but I’m bored with that concept.) The consequences are drastic, as they almost always are. Again, bored. I just can’t connect with a show about cheating spouses. There’s no longevity for me. I don’t want to root for anyone.

I didn’t last 10 minutes into the pilot.


BETRAYAL isn’t a show for everyone – in fact, I think a lot of people might be turned off by the fact that the show itself is about a couple (both married to other people) who have a chance meeting and fall into a passionate affair.  But that’s not the only betrayal that the show has in store.  I personally didn’t mind the affair part of it (because I honestly thought Ware and Townsend had a chemistry that was undeniable) – I was actually much more interested in the family issues, like what James Cromwell and Elliot are up to, or what the twist at the end is related to.  Is it the best show that ABC has to offer?  No, it’s certainly not, but it’s a show that I think fits right with REVENGE airing right before it.  I’d say give it an episode or two before making a judgment.  Not must see, but not worth turning off either!

Check out some pretty cast pictures and episodic shots from tonight’s premiere – let us know what you think!