My Take On…The hilarious return of PARKS AND RECREATION

Parks and Recreation - Season 5A day without new episodes of PARKS AND RECREATION is a day too long, am I right?  The 6th Season Premiere of the show airs tonight at 8/7c and we’re getting a full hour!  When we left our friends in Pawnee, Leslie was about to be recalled; she and Ben were perfect.  Chris and Ann were trying to have a baby.  April and Andy were perfection, and Andy was trying to figure out who was pregnant.  Tom’s business was being run into the ground by a new investor / competitor in the Rent-a-Swag world.  Gary/Jerry retired, and Donna continued being the best thing ever.  Oh and that surprise pregnancy?  Andy may have accidentally happened on the answer during a conversation with Ron and Diane.

Season 6 picks up not too long afterwards, with the news that amid this recall business, Leslie is trying to convince Pawnee that she loves them more than anything.  When she is nominated for an international award, and (spoiler alert) wins, the gang (Ron, Andy, April, Ben, and Leslie) heads to London to accept (because series star Chris Pratt was in London filmin Guardians of the Galaxy).  What follows is an hour that flies by with great character moments for everyone (even Tom, Ann, and Chris back at home who are all dealing with their own surprises – the way that their individual stories intersect is glorious).  Peter Serafinowicz guest stars in the premiere as Lord Covington, a man Andy and ben are trying to woo for their charity program.  Serafinowicz+Pratt=PERFECTION.

To say much more is to ruin it – just watch and enjoy, and thank me later! Follow the jump for some pretty cast pictures and episodic shots!