After-Take: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”


Beware – the follow contains spoilers!!!

Initial reaction: I NEED A MINUTE!!! Ok, I’m ok. I’m not ok, but SERIOUSLY, this finale….I. CAN’T!

That was the craziest, most intense episode! And it was the Season FINALE??? How am I supposed to wait until the Halloween Episode?!?!!?

First thing: creepy Magic Eight Balls…seriously? There was NO NEED for that. That was kinda dumb. It didn’t have as dramatic an effect on me, all I wanted to do was shake them up and flip them again to see what the other sides said.

Ezra is behaving like a lovesick puppy. It’s too much. You’re an adult. Act like one. He’s become a wet paper towel and all I want to do is wad him up and toss him in the garbage. He’s annoying. And he’s been getting progressively worse every episode.

LUCY HALE, ASHLEY BENSON, TROIAN BELLISARIOCaleb is my favorite dude. He’s standup, whip smart and besides the terrible haircut, cute cute cute!

I’m pretty sure that A has FedEx on speed-dial. The deliveries are a plenty. And are made by ninjas. Or magic unicorns. It’s like my house when I’ve gone on an binge. …by the way, where are they hiding the stuff that gets delivered?

Was CeCe the Invisible Girl her entire life at Rosewood? How come nobody remembers her?? The news flashed her sketch and it took some serious time before identifying her.

BRIAN DARE, LUCY HALEToby, while I respect that you are trying to figure out what happened to your mother, I can’t care anymore. I’m trying. But it’s getting old now. And not more sad. It’s was sad at first, now I’m over it. Unless the show twists around and somehow Toby’s Mom ends up being the Big A…I’m out of cares. Besides, dropping off the grid like that to Spencer? Rude and unacceptable. Spencer should have unleashed a little bit more hell on him than he got. I don’t like how wishy-washy she’s being.

I’m probably the only one, but I love it when Caleb and Hanna bicker. I think it’s adorable. And feels like a real depiction of a relationship! The rest are far FAR too dramatic or inappropriate to be examples of reality.

OH CRAP ARIA! She planted a big smooch on Ezra in the middle of the coffee shop!!! And with the moody music overlay?? We didn’t even get to hear what prompted her! Was she saying “And now I’ll eat your face!”??? What could Ezra possibly have said that would make her feel like kissing him?

ASHLEY BENSON, SHAY MITCHELL, TROIAN BELLISARIO, LUCY HALEI know, the Ravenswood spin-off is coming. But I’d really like the Liars to stop having to go there. The lighting is strange and it’s nonsense. The Charlemagne Act, ummmm JUST SAY NO and MEAN IT, Aria! Spencer knows better, there is no “safe”. And BIG SURPRISE, there goes Emily. Poor Emily!

Why are these girls never wearing sneakers when they go places? I understand “fashion reasons”, but BE PRACTICAL, ladies!! There’s always someone chasing you or needing to be chased. Stop and change the footwear! At least Spencer was wearing Keds.

Can we HAVE A MOMENT for the white boards?? WHOA! And that’s a serious hacking central! And at that moment, the FBI were called and all the kids went home and lived happy lives…PUH-LEASE. Of course they were going to attempt to break into that electronic Fort Knox. The mass amount of pictures and timelines, so impressive and terrifying! Leave it to Hanna to look in a closet, probably her fashion Spidey-sense tingling; (the same one that made her take a diary from somewhere) and revealing…a bunch of suits. Dude suits. And shoes. Hmmm, A is a dude? A dude with serious money and financial skills. (Special note: the costumed celebration, when they saw the picture of the costume, did any other Whovian think “Are you my Mummy??”)

Elderly Mrs. Grumhold saved Alison from suffocating, pulling her from the dirt. According to Grumhold, that is. Alison is alive. ALISON IS ALIVE?!?! Holy bikes….I need to breathe into a bag and sit down. The reason Alison hasn’t come forward is because she’s being watched, they all are? Sorry, but DUH. Thank you Aria, for having a level head and thinking that it all could be nonsense. But then….SHOPPING!

And now….EZRA in the creepy room?? WAIT, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? There’s been a LOT of Twitter reaction that he’s A; has been all along, but I’m not so sure. He didn’t seem pleased that the room existed, not just that it had been found. Let’s not forget, Ezra’s picture was on that board too, a big picture of him smooching on Aria. If the Liars determined that Wren was off the list of suspects because he was being monitored, we can do the same for Ezra.

Well? Did you freak out?? Did you scream at the screen? Were you shocked? I certainly was! And I cannot WAIT until the Halloween Special! How about you??